East Coast Trains, H10 Waterloo, Wahaca

So just as soon as I got over the delights of Glasgow I found myself travelling first class on the train down to London for a work conference. First class does give you more room, unlimited tea, coffee, water and juice; sandwiches, cake and crisps and it does feel special BUT apparently there is no wine at the weekend. This weekend rule is a bit crap surely they could serve it responsibly?  Thank goodness I bought a bottle of red before I jumped on the train at Kirkcaldy. Anyway, I arrived in style at Kings Cross having drunk my Asda bottle of wine for a fraction of the cost of the wine on board. A quick tube trip to the Elephant and Castle and then a short walk to the H10 Waterloo hotel brought me to check in and a complimentary glass of bubbles. Now that’s the kind of special feeling you want from a first class service instead of a dry cheese sandwich and a cup of tea. I was allocated a room on the 9th floor. The website had boasted views of the Shard and I had my fingers crossed I’d be facing that way. A small scream of delight allowed others to know I wasn’t disappointed. Clutching my champagne glass of welcome happiness I drank in the view of the Shard. Then looked around and loved the decor, the bathroom, the toiletries, the bathrobe and slippers. It had everything a good hotel room should have – including bathroom scales, which was maybe a step too far. I mean, who wants to be weighing themselves when they’re staying in a luxury hotel??2014-05-13 07.12.53 That evening my colleagues and I ate in Wahaca on the Southbank. The restaurant is made from recycled shipping containers and serves Mexican street food. The menu was very reasonably priced and varied enough for everyone to find something they liked, which really suited the mixed bunch that were sat around the table. There are a number of Wahaca’s dotted around London and I’d definitely recommend you pay one of them a visit. After a pretty full on day I retired to my room on the 9th floor with the view of the Shard ready for a good night’s sleep. Just as I was falling over the sirens started. It turned out that to the left of the hotel was an ambulance station and to the right, a busy junction with lots of traffic lights. It seemed that the combination of these 2 things together meant no ambulances were stopping at any red lights. Ever. So no matter what the time they’d hit their blues and 2s. The one time I did sit up and take note was 4.30am!2014-05-12 22.01.46 Breakfast almost made up for the broken sleep. Hotel breakfasts (especially when they are paid for by someone else) are hard to beat and this was no exception to the rule. There was everything you could think of and more. I mean, have you ever seen churros and chocolate sauce in a breakfast buffet before?? The conference I was attending was in Westminster2014-05-12 19.28.192014-05-12 08.42.55 Central Hall and what a wonderful venue it was. Conferences can often by tiresome but we were well catered for in every aspect of the word so the 2 day event wasn’t as much hard work as it could have been. The train journey north saw 4 of us in standard class so it was a quick dash to Costcutter for a bottle of white and one of red. It was a great opportunity for everyone to relax and discuss the conference. However, I think by York we had finished the wine so we decided to buy a little bottle from the trolley. It didn’t last long either so we tried to buy another but there was none to be had. East Coast Trains had ran out of red wine!!!! The absolute horror of it. The trolley man told me to try the buffet carriage so off I went in search of more liquid refreshment. It was a bit of a trek to then discover there was no wine there either as he had given his last 2 bottles to the trolley man! I had been sent on a complete wild goose chase, which was annoying to say the least. Unfortunately it was a pretty poor end to an otherwise great 2 day trip to The Old Smoke.

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