Tunisia – Safari and Zulus

MiniMe and I decided to go on another excursion. This time we chose to go on the Safari and Zulu night but first I checked the pick up time – it was 12.40 in the afternoon! Result.

It wasn’t too long a bus journey so soon we were wandering around looking at lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Well there weren’t any bears but there were lots of lions, tigers and porcupines, which I had never seen before. ImageAmazing spiky little sods.

I’m not quite sure why they called it a safari – there were no jeeps, men with guns or stampeding wildebeest just lots of animals in enclosures. I’m pretty sure it was actually a zoo. Quite a good zoo though as we saw lots of big cats and some of them were even in the process of making little cats (I had to hide MiniMe’s eyes at that point). The wildebeests were wandering around at peace and the meerkats were very laid back. Simples. Image

After the zoo we made our way out to the circular Shaka restaurant where we were seated at a table with 3 other couples.

We were then entertained as we ate. I love tribal drumming and I wasn’t disappointed. The Zulus danced and sang and the food just kept coming. There was also water, coke or red wine, which were also unending. I did keep trying to finish the wine but they just kept bringing more.

There was soup and bread to start with. The soup was a kind of broth with pulses and it wasn’t too spicy. Next there was briks – filo pastry filled with potato, egg, parsley and onion. These were followed by a salad. I thought to begin with it had tapenade on it but it wasn’t and therefore I was left baffled with the mixture, which was sludge green and a little vinegary but not too much. Whatever it was I liked it and kept helping myself to more. The next course was chicken and rice, which had been marinated for 24 hours and then the meal was finished off with fruit. The food was excellent and the dancing Zulus were fabulous. At one point I gave  MiniMe my phone and asked her to take a pic of the Zulus. I told her not to shoot until she seen the white of their eyes but she just replied that she couldn’t get that close!   Well, I  thought it was funny.2014-06-17 17.35.16

As the crowds got up to leave and as there was still wine left I poured myself one last glass instead of joining the queue to get out. I very soon had a young waiter asking if he could join me for a glass. I was only too happy to oblige and he hunkered down beside me out of sight of his boss. He then downed the glass straight without taking a breath. He politely tried to chat me up but I told him not to bother as he could have another glass if he wanted. It went the same way as the last. He then kindly told me I could take the rest of the bottle as long as I had a ‘sack’ – of course I did ;p  MiniMe, who doesn’t even like wine, was necking it straight from the bottle on the bus. The journey home sped by – I can’t think why.

Tunisia was a great holiday with MiniMe and we made lots of friends. Bella and Lolly were 2 of them. They were sitting in front of us on the flight there and were in the same hotel as us when we arrived. We soon started chatting  and then meeting up in the dinning room for meals, which lead to the bar for drinks and then obviously on to sharing a hookah….what??? ;p Their company really added to the holiday and, as Cilla would say, we had a lorra lorra laughs.

The waiters also helped make the holiday with their flirty ways and attentive service. One of these waiters was Samir or Sammy as Lolly called him. He said he liked me. I said I was married. He said he wanted to be my ‘frond’. I liked him being my frond because he made me special cocktails and gave me little heart shaped biscuits. One day he just appeared with a cappuccino with my initial shaken in chocolate on the top. On the day we were leaving he drew a picture of himself crying and pinned it to his t-shirt. I think my new frond Sammy wanted a tip. I told him not to chat up tight, married, Scottish women ;p

 2014-06-18 13.47.262014-06-14 18.41.48Back at Enfidha airport and the queues at passport control were still as bad. Thankfully there were no Germans for MiniMe to fall out with but we did learn the extent of what had happened in the toilet on the way over. The bloke that had been smoking had actually blocked up the smoke detector with toilet paper and then flicked his still lit cigarette into the paper towel bin, which had started to burn and had to be put out by the air-hostesses. Apparently we were only minutes away from an emergency landing because of the selfish twat. And his excuse was that he was off his face on drugs and didn’t know what he was doing. He had been allowed into the country (actually managing to miss the horrendous queues at passport control) and permitted to enjoy his holiday. From what I was being told in the queue all he had to do was to sign a form saying he wouldn’t smoke on the way back and he had his lighter and cigarettes confiscated. No-one could say if he had received a huge fine, would be banned from the country or lose his passport.

I like to think karma will catch him up at some point.


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