Toulouse – first impressions

OH and I arrived in Toulouse on a bright, sunshiney day and I already knew I had packed wrongly. Not just for the weather but for style – not that I could have packed all that differently considering my wardrobe. Looking around in the airport I already felt dowdy and very British. How come we can’t look as good as the French? They just ooze style and class whereas we just ooze – especially in this heat!

Anyway, the trip from the airport on the shuttle bus to the centre of Toulouse was completely hassle free and a bargain for 10 . Particularly because the bus driver called to us and alerted us to our stop – homme charmant!

We found our apartment with ease and the  owner was there to meet us and show us around the one bedroom flat – approximately a 2 minute walk from Le Capitole – talk about central! This would be the equivalent of getting a holiday home on Oxford Street in London.

2014-08-31 14.25.30

Our Toulouse pad


2014-08-31 14.50.49

Le Capitole








It didn’t take us long to be out and wandering the streets of Toulouse. It really is a beautiful place. Toulouse is in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France (bottom left hand corner if you’re looking at a map) and its situated on the banks of the  River Garonne.

2014-08-31 15.36.57

2014-08-31 16.25.33









Obviously walking is thirsty business so our first port of call was the picturesque Cafe des Artistes where we sat and watched the world go by and drank in the sun and some local wine, our first of many no doubt!2014-08-31 15.55.17

 To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Toulouse – first impressions

  1. That is a smashing apartment, Jill. I agree, Toulouse is such a great place to chill out. I’ve walked around the retro shops and bars between Capitole and the river so often and just love it. I love when you catch a busker on a quiet street and their strains swirl around the winding roads. Bar Champagne, is a right wee rock n roll bar on Rue Peyras, just off the small street leading from Capitole to the Esquirol Metro Station. It was the first place I went the afternoon I first arrived in Toulouse and the place from where I bid my fond farewells the last time I visited.

    Hope you’re having a sweet time.

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