Angels with Bagpipes, Edinburgh

After working like a wee Trojan for a number of weeks I had managed to accumulate quite a bit of TOIL (time off in lieu).  At the same time a friend also had time off work so we decided to ditch both of our OHs and spend the day in Edinburgh. roof

We alighted the train at Waverley Station and headed up towards the Royal Mile. It was a beautiful morning so I dragged AA to the Scottish Museum and whisked him up to the roof terrace. If you’ve never been you are missing one of the best 360° views of Edinburgh there is. The castle looked amazing with a blue sky backdrop and opposite it Arthur’s Seat beseeched us to climb it. However, we ignored it because neither of us think hill climbing is fun and it didn’t look like they had built a pub up there yet.

After wandering down through the museum we headed back towards the Royal Mile and into Angels with Bagpipes.  We hadn’t booked but they were more than happy to find us a table.

AA started with Heirloom tomato mozzarella salad, balsamic (yes the menu did just stop there) which looked really pretty even although the waitress apologised because the previous well balanced fancy woven grass on top of the salad had fallen off. Yes I know it wasn’t grass but it did look like it.  I had Smoked mackerel pate, beetroot, gooseberry, dill with melba toast. It came in a pickling jar and tasted fantastic.

AA then had Beef 12 hour braised, white onion risotto (and I think pickled red and green peppers but I’m guessing – sorry) . He let me taste his risotto and it was so good I contacted the restaurant today to get the recipe so I can try and recreate it at home. (they replied within the hour with it!) 2014-10-02 14.34.13 I have to admit the pic does not do this dish justice.

I had pork belly which I think came with creamed potato and kale but I can’t be sure (blame the white rioja!) but what I can tell it was amazing and I ate the lot! I rarely cook pork belly at home because the fat scares me a little but this was divine and completely melted in the mouth. 2014-10-02 14.34.32

Instead of dessert we finished with Irish Coffee, which was a perfect way to finish off a fantastic meal. I can heartily recommend Angels with Bagpipes for a treat.

2 x 2 courses at £14.95, plus a bottle of white rioja and 2 Irish Coffees came to £69.702014-10-02 15.18.29

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