The Anchor, Broughty Ferry

2014-11-23 15.50.28OH (other half) and I found ourselves in Broughty Ferry again recently and (since we didn’t have a booking at Sol y Sombra) decided to give The Anchor on Gray Street a try.

When we went in it was really busy, there were a few empty tables but they all had reserved signs on them. However, the bar man spotted us looking and immediately called over to ask if we were looking for a table for food. When we nodded he went to check the book and then showed us to a table which had a reserve sign on it but not until 5 and we were in before 3pm. He then brought over menus and asked for our drink order.

The menu was pretty extensive and very reasonably priced. Although I have to admit I’m not a fan of lengthy menus preferring it when the chef just concentrates on a handful of dishes.

The soup was Tomato and Herb but today wasn’t a starter day. After a dog walk along the beach OH decided on a hearty Chicken Hotpot – chicken, sausage, seasonal veg & potatoes in a rich red wine gravy served with crusty bread.  I plumped for the Seafood pasta  – King Prawns, haddock and mussels served on a bed of linguine smothered in a special white wine cream sauce.

From my seat I had a number of great views. On one tv I could see Crystal Palace beating Liverpool (3-1) and on the other, Lewis Hamilton wining the Grand Prix world championship in Abu Dhabi. I could also see into the kitchen and keep an eye on the till as there was a monitor which showed up the waiter’s name, table number and order. It made me smile when I noticed one of the waitresses had called herself Banana.  OH had a view of me and the back door.

So from my reckoning it was Daniel who was the friendly barman that returned to take our order.

OH then disappeared to the toilet. When he came back he reported, “Well the toilets are clean anyway.” OH rarely describes toilets to me so the fact he made the remark makes them very remarkable indeed!

We did wait a while for our meals but as I said it was busy and when the dishes arrived they certainly looked worth the wait.

OH’s hotpot had a large fillet of chicken surrounded by carrots, mushrooms, onions, peas, turnip and bits of sausage and bacon. There was 2014-11-23 15.10.52 also crispy, deep fried strips of parsnip on the top.  When he had nearly finished he was using his bread to mop up all the gravy and he asked if anyone was looking. I immediately said, “No you’re not licking your plate!” He was joking but it highlighted just how much he enjoyed it.

My pasta was also very tasty. It had large meaty king prawns as well as smaller 2014-11-23 15.11.08ones in the cream sauce. There was a large lump of haddock which flaked as I cut into it and the mussels tasted fresh and there was no trace of grit in them. The garlic and herb bread was a good accompaniment and like OH I used it to make sure I didn’t leave too much sauce behind. To be honest, the only problem with the dish was that I didn’t have a large glass of Pinot Grigo with it as it was my turn to drive.

The Anchor Bar is a busy bar full of locals. There’s no menu outside and you could easily pass by thinking there will be something better round the corner but you will be making a mistake if you do.

Today wasn’t a dessert day either so 2 mains, a pint and a coke was £22.60.

The Anchor, 48 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry. 01382 737899

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