The Tiel Restaurant, Auchtertool

Another weekend of on call meant trying to find another nice place to eat in Fife.  The Tiel Restaurant in Auchtertool has been on my list of places to visit for a while so today, as we were in Kirkcaldy picking up a few bits and pieces, I thought it was an ideal time to tick it off my list.

As it is December and therefore the hardest month to find somewhere to eat without a reservation, The Tiel  proved to be the perfect place as it is a little bit out on it’s own and, probably because someone always has to drive, it wasn’t fully booked and we were able to get a table for two with no problem.

We were offered a choice of menus. The festive one – 3 courses for £19.99 or the new winter one. OH and I settled for the winter menu as we didn’t think we could manage 3 courses. The soup was lentil and roasted red pepper with cannellini beans and there was a special of Chicken Korma. I noticed a couple of mains also came in smaller portions for £2 less, which I always think shows some thoughtfulness from the owners/chef.

As tempted as I was by the soup I decided to miss the starters and go for one of the mains from the Classic Favourite part of the menu. Oven baked lasagne – Mozzarella cheese glaze, dressed salad, coleslaw and chips at £9.95 and OH went for Slow cooked duck leg  – fondant potato, asparagus wrapped in Parma ham, cassis and black cherry sauce at £15.95 from the Something Different section. 2014-12-06 13.29.59

OH’s duck looked great (a lot better than his picture taking skills make it out to be – honest). The meat fell off the bone and when I asked OH if it was dry he said it was anything but. He loved the fondant potatoes and the contrasting sweetness from the cherry sauce. 2014-12-06 13.29.05The lasagne was exactly what I wanted. I rarely make lasagne at home so often order it when I’m out and this was a good lasagne,  The mozzarella wasn’t too stringy and the layers were perfect. The salad dressing had a certain je ne sais quoi and I managed to eat all the chips, which meant I didn’t have any room for dessert. Of course OH did. He ordered the Chocolate caramel pot accompanied with raspberry sorbet, popping candy fudge square. After taking his order the waitress returned with cutlery for OH and a spoon for me just in case I fancied some of his. It’s these little things that really endear me to a place. When it arrived it looked amazing! (So amazing I took 2 pics). 2014-12-06 14.00.23-2

OH said the fruits tasted fresh although they were out of season, the caramel pot was smooth and velvety and the raspberry sorbet was refreshing and balanced out well with the chocolate caramel. I asked him later if his fudge popped and he suddenly realised it hadn’t but that really wasn’t an issue.

2014-12-06 14.00.48

Before settling the bill I paid a visit to the toilets which were decorated to a high standard and I’ve just asked OH about his and he said, “Oh yeah, they were nice.” More high praise for men’s toilets – I’m so glad I never have to use the kind that OH is used to!

2 mains, 1 dessert, a coke and 2 pints of ale = £38.75

ps I know this probably sounds ridiculous but I just have to mention the vinegar bottle as it was brilliant – it actually let vinegar out at a rate that is manageable. How often do you drown your chips in a restaurant because of a rubbish vinegar bottle? Well, take it from me, you can trust the condiments at The Tiel Restaurant.

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