43 Main Street, Milton of Balgonie

It was a late start to our Saturday as we’d been having car and washing machine difficulties – trying to sell one and trying to fix the latter. With neither problem sorted to our satisfaction (car is still unsold and a new washing machine had to be ordered) we decided to go out for something to eat. It was already after 2.15pm and we had to stay in Fife as I was on call. Therefore, there were immediate restrictions on our options.

43 Main Street in Milton of Balgonie had been showing up on my Facebook timeline for a while as one of my friends had liked the page. The reviews were always positive and I could see it was a couple trying to make good of a new venture/refurbishment. I checked it served food all day and then suggested it to OH as an option. It wasn’t long before we were making our way there.

On entry, the restaurant and bar look modern and stylish. The decor is black and white with the odd sparkle here and there. It immediately reminded OH of our living room in the late 80s, early 90s. His memory was aided with the accompanying music, which included Visage, OMD, Men at Work and Modern Romance (Everybody Salsa – I knew you’d need a bit of a help with that one) to name but a few.

Obviously we hadn’t booked but the young waitress offered us a table and we sat down. Very soon after, we were asked to move tables by the owner as they had a large group coming in later and he was going to have to move some tables around to accommodate them. He explained he didn’t want to rush us and, to be fair, he sat us at a far better table, which wasn’t in front of the door to the toilets.

We gave our drinks order and studied the menu. There was no mention of specials or what the soup of the day was but the owner did say that there was no set lunch or dinner menu just a menu for all day. He also said something along the lines of ‘I’d rather offer 10 dishes done really well than 50 not so good’, which I’m all for.

Although I’m not normally a fan of pork I’ve had pork belly a few times when I’ve been out and really enjoyed it so I decided to order Crispy Belly Pork with Sweetcorn Succotash, Parmesan Croquettes & Rich Jus and OH, for some strange reason, decided to have Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle & Parmesan. (He’s just told me it’s because he wanted something he doesn’t normally get at home. I could make a comment but I won’t).

Unfortunately, the waitress returned and asked me to re-order as they had run out of pork belly and although another batch had just been put in the oven it would be an hours wait. Sadly I took back the menu and tried again. Eventually I ordered the Battered Haddock, Hand cut Triple Cooked Chips, Mushy Peas, and Homemade Tartare Sauce.

As we waited the dinning room slowly emptied and the staff started moving the tables around. Every time someone passed us they told us our food wouldn’t be long. We were happy just siting trying to guess what song would come on next. I’m still waiting for Ultravox…

I have to say, our food arrived looking a lot better than in my pics, which don’t really do the dishes justice.  OH enjoyed his risotto but said he could have done with a large chunk of brown bread with it just for the different texture.  2015-02-07 14.53.58My fish was slightly greasy but not overly so and the tartare sauce was a bit thin but on the whole it was a good plate and the chips were amazing (they came in a separate basket pre-salted and skinny).2015-02-07 14.54.41  Once we had finished we were offered the dessert menu and told all the desserts were hand made on site but we were both stuffed and had to decline. Maybe next time.

The service was really good and you could tell everyone was trying to make an effort. My only concern would be the abundance of white wood, which looks great just now but as it will be prone to scuffs it will need regularly maintenance to stop it becoming shabby without the chic.

We were asked on our way out if we would return. I have no reason not to.

2 main meals, 2 pints of lager and a diet coke £33.

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