Campbell’s Coffee House, Falkland

2015-03-24 12.01.58OH and I were supposed to be heading off to Edinburgh this morning to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary (yes I know – he does deserve a medal but he got a bloody lovely bottle of 25 year old whisky instead).2015-03-23 15.30.39-1 Unfortunately, (long story short) our plans had to change and we ended up going out for breakfast instead. We needed somewhere close by and decided a Wetherspoons just wasn’t going to cut it so after a quick Google search we headed to nearby Falkland and Campbell’s Coffee House and Eatery. We were surprised to find it so busy on a Tuesday morning but we still managed to get a seat by the window looking over towards the fountain and the Palace.

The breakfast menu was lovely, as well as a full cooked Scottish, it had French cinnamon toast, scrambled egg and salmon, toast, grilled Portobello mushroom, poached eggs and muffins and an array of filled rolls.

OH and I both plumped for the full Scottish which listed bacon, pork sausage, haggis, choice of egg (I had scrambled and OH had fried), roasted tomato, potato scone with either white or granary toast.

The waitress asked, as the breakfast would take about 10  minutes to cook from fresh, if we wanted to wait and have our tea and coffee with our breakfast. However, we both decided to have them whilst we waited. With hindsight I should have waited as I had drank most of my tea before my breakfast arrived and could have done with a 2nd pot but I will know the next time.   2015-03-24 11.12.13

When the breakfast came it was presented beautifully and is one of the best cooked breakfasts I have had in a long time. The sausages weren’t too spicy and the haggis was a nice firm consistency. The eggs had obviously just been freshly scrambled in a pan and hadn’t even glimpsed the sight of a microwave and there was no sign of any grease anywhere.

When I went up to the counter to pay the bill there was a display of cakes and scones on show that looked wonderful and would be an ideal treat after a walk around Falkland estate or the Palace.  I did think the bill was a little bit expensive as the 2 breakfasts, a pot of tea and a latte came to £22.35. However, comparing it to other breakfasts, it did hit the spot and Campbell’s Coffee House is in a wonderful setting. With the sun shining brightly on the former Royal burgh we could have easily been in Edinburgh or even France for that  matter2015-03-24 11.05.17  .

Museo Automovilistico, Malaga

We woke up to black skies this morning and, unfortunately, it was nothing to do with the eclipse. Therefore, knowing it wasn’t going to be a day for the beach we decided to head into Malaga and visit a car museum. IMAG4426The vintage car museum in Malaga is definitely worth a visit – even if you usually hate that kind of thing. The collection is stunning and they have cleverly added fantastic outfits from throughout the ages next to each car so you can picture exactly what kind of women would be sitting alongside the driver (yes I know that was sexist but so was history!)

IMAG4441There was also interesting anecdotes about the cars and dresses, which kept me interested as I wandered past Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce models. The wall art and furniture were picked to perfection and were a magical mix of modern and art deco pieces.IMAG4443

The background music was great too and was the perfect accompaniment to the cars and fashion. James Bond theme tunes, Madonna, slowed down versions of Tom Jones to name but a few.

As we walked round I suddenly heard the sound of an engine and, much to my surprise, an Aston Martin drove through the museum. The roar of the engine sounded amazing in the high roofed building. It was a sight I wasn’t expecting to see today, that’s for sure.

I don’t want to bore you with pics but I want to try and give you a feel for the museum… IMAG4424

IMAG4442              IMAG4448    IMAG4429         IMAG4444          IMAG4434            IMAG4414IMAG4452  It was €7.50 each to get in and worth every cent.

Prestwick Airport, The Elvis Presley Bar

Once more OH and I are heading out of the country in the hope of finding better weather. Unfortunately the forecast for mainland Spain isn’t that great for the next week but regardless, OH and I are heading to the Costa del Sol.

Cheap flights mean Ryanair and Ryanair means flying from Prestwick Airport, which isn’t really that much hassle. For us, it’s an hour and half in the car on a straight road. I had already paid for the parking but when we drew up to the long term car park barrier there was a sign saying we had been upgraded to the short term one so we turned the car and headed to the car park right next to the terminal.

A short walk later and we were already straight through security. By far the quickest x-ray procedure ever! So far Prestwick was beating Edinburgh and Glasgow hands down. Well, it was until we ordered some food… we had discussed going to the Brewers Fayre just outside the airport but reckoned that although the airport would be expensive, at least we would be able to relax, safe in the knowledge we were in the departure lounge and not sitting a mile away panicking in case our food didn’t come in time. With hindsight there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy panic.

So there we were, in the Elvis Presley Bar (the airport’s only claim to fame is that Elvis landed there once in 1960) hungry and in need of some sustenance (I can only hope Elvis had ate before he touched down). The menu was like a typical bar lunch menu but without any soup or starters.

IMAG4365OH ordered the burger and a pint and I had the lasagne and a large glass of Shiraz. When my lasagne arrived it looked hellish. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I’m pretty positive with my reviews and always find something good to comment on. Well in this case the lettuce in the side salad was lovely. IMAG4368Everything else was sh*t. The lasagne was burnt round the edges and I needed a chisel to get into it. The garlic bread was a tortilla with garlic butter poured over it and it had went hard during the walk from the kitchen to the table. I knew I wasn’t going to eat again for at least another 6 hours so I bravely ate the middle. (I tend not to send food back as I can never trust that the chef hasn’t spat on it or worse). The middle was edible – just. OH’s burger was completely lacking and tasteless, he also said his chips were soggy inside.IMAG4369

Never again. For the drinks and meals it was £29 and a complete rip off.
I can only say, if you’re flying from Glasgow Prestwick, bring a packed lunch!

MCN Scottish Motorcycle show, Edinburgh

So it was OH’s biannual turn to chose something to do this weekend and it just so happened that the MCN Scottish Motorcycle show was on at Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre so off we went. We had to drive there with 4 wheels as OH sold his Aprilia Tuono last year. I think he must be missing the feeling of cool, black leather next to his skin as there seemed to be more stalls selling clothes and accessories than there were bikes.

There was an outside arena where stunt man Kevin Carmichael showed some amazing skills as he 2015-03-08 13.21.07wheelied at seemingly impossible angles and burnt loads of rubber as he spun 360° over and over again creating more smoke than a hippy at Woodstock. 2015-03-08 11.02.31-1        Indoors there were some new bikes. OH liked this Yamaha R1. It’s red and white and goes fast, probably. 2015-03-08 13.01.24-1 There was also one called a Ninja but somehow I missed it, although a couple of times I thought I caught a glimpse of something moving ;p My favourite was this lovely chequered one, which proves there is such a thing as tartan paint. 2015-03-08 12.51.39-1There was loads of old bikes too which are now called Classics. Their owners were all classics too. They were all in clubs (and their elements) and were wandering around trying to trick people into talking about their bikes.

Of course I had to have something to eat. There were loads of burger vans to chose from but by this time I needed a seat so we went into the bar in the Classic bike section. OH had fish and chips, I had a burger and we shared a bottle of diet coke.

I asked OH how his meal was and he said it filled a hole.2015-03-08 14.05.29 When I asked him to elaborate he said the sachet of tartare sauce was crap. Jay Rayner eat your heart out 🙂  My burger was very juicey and ran right down my arm to prove it. The scalding wasn’t too bad. Thankfully the classic biker we were sharing a table with had more than enough napkins to go round.

Car parking £5

2 adult entries to the bike show £32

2 main meals and a diet coke £14.50

The sight of hundreds of fat, bald men in leather being very happy – priceless.