Museo Automovilistico, Malaga

We woke up to black skies this morning and, unfortunately, it was nothing to do with the eclipse. Therefore, knowing it wasn’t going to be a day for the beach we decided to head into Malaga and visit a car museum. IMAG4426The vintage car museum in Malaga is definitely worth a visit – even if you usually hate that kind of thing. The collection is stunning and they have cleverly added fantastic outfits from throughout the ages next to each car so you can picture exactly what kind of women would be sitting alongside the driver (yes I know that was sexist but so was history!)

IMAG4441There was also interesting anecdotes about the cars and dresses, which kept me interested as I wandered past Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce models. The wall art and furniture were picked to perfection and were a magical mix of modern and art deco pieces.IMAG4443

The background music was great too and was the perfect accompaniment to the cars and fashion. James Bond theme tunes, Madonna, slowed down versions of Tom Jones to name but a few.

As we walked round I suddenly heard the sound of an engine and, much to my surprise, an Aston Martin drove through the museum. The roar of the engine sounded amazing in the high roofed building. It was a sight I wasn’t expecting to see today, that’s for sure.

I don’t want to bore you with pics but I want to try and give you a feel for the museum… IMAG4424

IMAG4442              IMAG4448    IMAG4429         IMAG4444          IMAG4434            IMAG4414IMAG4452  It was €7.50 each to get in and worth every cent.

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