Gilvenbank Hotel, Glenrothes, Fife.

I had told OH I was going to be late home from work and left instructions for him to cook a curry for tea. Unfortunately, I arrived home to an empty house and no smell of a Rogan Josh coming from the kitchen. Disappointed, hungry and not in the mood for cooking I suggested to OH (when he eventually got home) that we go out for dinner. I asked where he fancied and when he suggested somewhere within walking distance I thought…

There can be only one.

Unlike The Highlander, Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Who was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. And is immortal. I was in Glenrothes and only had the Gilvenbank Hotel to walk to if I didn’t want to die from hunger.

Due to rubbish family stuff happening recently we have been there more than we would normally visit but it had served it’s purpose pretty well so I didn’t mind going back – even though it wasn’t a blue moon.

Unsurprisingly for a Wednesday night, we managed to get a table without trouble but then, very surprisingly, found the dining area busy. Part of the reason for this was the baby shower happening at the next table but there were also lots of hotel guests dining too and the odd couple, like ourselves, who had just wandered in.

The menu was a large double-sided cardboard one which listed main courses, burgers, salads, from the grill, pizzas, pastas, tex mex and sharing platters so much akin to a Wetherspoons but with bigger prices. The waitress told us the soup and curry of the day and then disappeared to fetch us a bottle of house red.

I decided on Salmon salsa verde – oven roasted salmon fillet with a fresh herb salsa served with boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables  2015-04-22 19.11.37. It was an odd dish. The salmon was good. The cabbage was good, The carrots were good. The salsa verde was good. But they didn’t go together. The salsa verde over shadowed everything. It was vinegary, tangy and overpowering, which made everything else seem bland. Sadly, the potatoes tasted like they had been heated up for the 10th time in a pot where the water only covered half of them.

2015-04-22 19.11.23OH went for the Braised lamb shank with red wine, herbs and chunky vegetables with mash. He enjoyed his lamb and demonstrated just how easily the meat fell easily from the bone but then did mention that the potatoes were a little salty.

2015-04-22 19.34.25For dessert, I went for the cheesecake of the day which was honey, pistachio and fig. I love figs so was drawn to it or I would have missed out a pudding completely. I was asked if I wanted cream or ice cream with it but reckoned Id be fine without either. However, I ended up having to steal some of OH’s cream from his rum and raisin chocolate torte as it was a tad dry. 2015-04-22 19.34.18

OH thought his torte was too rich and would rather have had something with a buttery biscuit base but that was probably due to him not really knowing what he was ordering as he thought torte was a posh way of saying tart ;p Mind you, it didn’t stop him scrapping his plate clean.

2 mains, 2 desserts and a bottle of house red (merlot) came to a very reasonable £41.30 for an evening (and it definitely gets bonus points because no-one had to drive).

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