Cobbies Bar and Kitch Inn, Tayport

2015-06-07 14.50.51

Tayport Harbour

It’s been a while since OH and I ate out at the weekend and as I was on call, it was time to have a look on Tripadvisor to see what was hip and happening in the Kingdom of Fife. A new place I hadn’t noticed before, which had received a number of positive reviews, caught my interest. It was The Cobbies Bar and Kitch Inn in Tayport. I looked up the website and thought it looked worth a visit as it had an intriguing menu with very reasonable prices.

Cobbies was simple to find as it was just meters from the picturesque harbour and we found a parking place with ease. When we first went into the building it was obvious we were in the bar area and we received a few odd but friendly looks from the regulars who knew we were visitors to Tayport. We were quickly shown where the door to the lounge was and were able to wander through and find a seat.

The lounge was an odd mismatch of themes. To me it looked like someone had a vision of how they wanted it to look – with shelves made from pallets, decoupage on the bar and tables, suitcases scattered around and the appearance of book lined walls – but had been told they needed to keep the pool table, darts board and framed British Legion Flag. This was a shame as I was really liking the vision. 2015-06-07 13.31.41

We were given photocopied menus, which would have greatly benefited from a bit of laminating as they looked like they had been in the hands of many a diner before us. The food on offer differed from the usual pub grub as it described things in stacks. Yes I can see your puzzled look and this is what had made me initially intrigued. Imagine your carbs layered between your proteins instead of laid out flat on a  plate and you’ll get the picture. If this puts you off don’t let it as there were unstacked dishes as well. Unusually, there was also a number of vegetarian options too (bonus points!) and a children’s menu.

2015-06-07 14.02.46As I hadn’t eaten yet I decided to go for the Big Breakfast Stack – Sausage, Bacon, Black pudding, & Haggis layered between potato scones, topped with a fried egg & served with a jug of baked beans. It came in a deep brown dish (I’d have prefered a more flat plate)  and a jar of beans rather than a jug but in among the stack I discovered 3 sausages!  The accompanying chips were complete overkill and it was pure greed that I tried to eat them. As much as I tried I couldn’t finish the meal. It was a big hearty breakfast and hit the spot completely.

OH decided on the Steak Stack – Thinly sliced succulent steak, stacked up between warm crusty bread with fried onions & 2015-06-07 14.02.06melted cheese. It arrived on an impressively large platter with salad in a little china bowl. OH really enjoyed it and his only comments were that it would have been better with homemade bread and blue cheese would have given it a little more flavour. Later he also said that the Kitch Inn would be perfect if you had been out sailing or walking the Fife Coastal Path and were looking for a delicious and substantial meal to refuel with.

All the dishes that I saw the other diners in the lounge enjoy looked great and I was even more impressed when I chatted with the chef later and discovered that it was a joint venture with him and his wife, who had been waiting on the tables. They have taken on the restaurant side of the pub and have nothing to do with the bar, which now makes total sense with regards to the decor. They have only been open for around a year and with a toddler and another on the way it is fantastic that this young family are trying something new in Fife. My hat is well and truly off to them.

A diet coke, 2 pints of Guinness and 2 main meals came to £23.30.

As we were ‘stappit fu’ we retired to the sheltered beer garden to finish our drinks as for once the sun was out (more bonus points!)

It’s quirky, its very reasonably priced and I’d really like to see this friendly, young husband and wife team make a success of this so please go and give them a visit.

Cobbies Bar and Kitch Inn, 

32 Tay Street, Tayport, Fife. Scotland.

Telephone: 01382 552011

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