The Inn on The Tay, Grandtully, Perthshire

OH and I had went out for a run in the car and had been touring around Perthshire with the roof down enjoying the rare Scottish sunshine. We’d had a big breakfast and weren’t hungry but by half 2 we were starting to get peckish. OH suggested stopping off at Grandtully as there was a pub with a great view of the white water on the Tay – the appropriately named The Inn on the Tay. When we drove into the car park OH commented that it was different from the last time he had visited. It turned out he had last been there in 2001 when he had kayaked down the Tay so it wasn’t surprising it had changed and the car park had been upgraded.

On the way in I noticed they stopped serving food at 3pm (it was 2.45pm). I also noticed they did Cullen Skink, which is one of OH and I’s favourites so it was a quick and easy decision to order the haddock, leek and tattie soup and not annoy the chef by placing a large food order minutes before he was due to finish. I placed our order for food and drinks at the bar, paid for it and took the offered cutlery and napkins outside to a table on the deck. I’m assuming it’s normally waitress service and this only happened because it was 2.45 and I had went straight to the bar to order. 2015-06-27 14.57.21

OH was right, the view from the deck is stunning and looks directly on to the spot on the Tay that kayakers and rafters brave the rushing white waters.

The Cullen Skink arrived almost immediately (I think I was right about the chef wanting finished promptly). To be honest, I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t the biggest of bowls – at £6 for a bowl of soup you do expect something that will fill you but then maybe I’m just greedy.2015-06-27 14.46.30 The Cullen Skink itself was a little thin and could have had a tad more cream but it was good enough.  I could see the orders the other diners were having and it all looked good and well displayed.

As we sat 2 teams of white water rafters paddled past. From their screams and shouts it certainly sounded like they were having fun. Free entertainment when you’re dining is rare and it certainly created an exciting buzz on the deck as everyone stopped talking/eating and watched the water.

The location is amazing and that alone is worth visiting The Inn on the Tay for. You can check out the lunch menu for yourself here – the other meals certainly looked good.

2 Cullen Skinks, a pint of cider, a soda water and lime and a great view of people taking on the white water = £17.50

2015-06-27 15.25.17

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