Ship Tavern, Kinghorn, Fife

We had visitors from Papa Westray in Orkney this weekend, OH’s sister (OaSis) and her gentleman friend (Bfg – big friendly gentleman). Therefore, we spent a lovely Saturday entertaining them. We were also babysitting for Teeny Mini-me. Therefore, after a morning of shooting and golfing we needed something to eat. In case you are interested Teeny Mini-me preferred the golfing. 2015-09-26 13.00.44As Oasis and Bfg were heading off across the Forth next we decided to eat at the Ship Tavern, Kinghorn. OH and I have been before so we knew it wouldn’t disappoint. And it didn’t.

I phoned ahead just to make sure our spur of the moment decision to dine there would be okay and they were more than happy to feed 4 and a baby. When we arrived they already had a high chair waiting for us.

2015-09-26 14.12.05

Teeny Mini-me’s pasta

2015-09-26 14.12.39

My Seafood pasta

Without realising it we all ordered a fish dish – well Teeny Mini-me didn’t as I asked for a small plate of veggie pasta for her. OH had scampi, Bfg had smoked haddock and Oasis and I went for the seafood pasta. When the plates arrived we were overwhelmed with the size of the dishes. Teeny Mini-me’s plate would have been enough for me and it was half the size of mine (obviously the chef doesn’t have a toddler) . My seafood pasta was laden with chunks of fish and the creamy sauce coated the tagliatelle beautifully. I managed to finish mine but Oasis had to leave some of her pasta as she was just too full.

OH’s scampi was good although it doesn’t look as impressive as the rest of the dishes but then you can’t really do a lot to make scampi look fancy. OH says it was nice and crispy without any sign of grease. I noticed he sneaked a couple of chips to Teeny Mini-me who wolfed them down with big smiles. 2015-09-26 14.12.482015-09-26 14.13.32

Bfg’s smoked haddock looked amazing and, if I understood his Orcadian accent correctly, he said it was lovely. Certainly his plate was wiped clean. The smoked haddock sat atop some creamy mash and a poached egg sat like a king on top of the fish. OH and him discussed where the fish would have been caught as OH reckoned they would have past the boat on the way down but when they asked delightfully it turned out it had been caught locally by a boat from Burntisland. Teeny Mini-me’s pasta hardly looked touched but she did eat quite a bit and considering if she doesn’t like anything she shakes her head and says Noooooooo she obviously gave hers the thumbs up.

Neither Oasis and I could manage a pudding but 2015-09-26 14.50.24OH went for ice cream filled choux pastry with chocolate sauce and Bfg had the sticky toffee pudding.  They didn’t say much as the desserts slowly disappeared but there was definite smacking of lips at the end. 2015-09-26 14.50.30

The meal was fantastic and just what we all needed. When I asked for the bill I was told they didn’t charge for the wee one’s pasta, which was damn decent of them.

If you need some place to impress that doesn’t break the bank with very friendly staff and lovely food then the Ship Tavern in Kinghorn is definitely where you need to take them!

4 main meals, 2 desserts, 3 soft drinks and 2 pints of lager = £62.80


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