Venachar Lochside

On Sunday morning I woke up to a beautiful Autumn day, which just begged me to go for a drive around The Trossachs to make sure the oak trees had turned auburn. OH didn’t need asking twice so off we headed north. DSCN3855.JPG

The scenery is never disappointing and the views over the different Lochs were amazing.

Often when we are in The Trossachs we will pop into Venachar Lochside. If you’re a regular reader you may remember the last time we were here I raved about the food and criticized the service. We were hoping this would have changed since our last visit as we stopped in for Sunday lunch.

When we went in, the dining area was busy so when I asked for a table for 2 I wasn’t surprised to hear that we could either have the couches or sit upstairs. I hate bending over a low table to eat so we opted for up the stairs. We went up on our own and realised that the table with the best view needed clearing, which we did ourselves. We also wiped the table and helped ourselves to cutlery. Eventually, the waitress appeared with menus and asked us what we would like to drink. I went for a large glass of white wine and OH had a coke.  As ever the views were fantastic  – I mean this was our view for lunch —> 2015-11-22 13.52.19-1.jpgWhat’s not to like??

After another wait the waitress appeared to take our order. I decided on the Sunday Roast, which was beef done 3 ways with parsnip puree, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, winter greens, carrots and gravy. OH went for the Venison burger with Blue Murder Cheese and hand cut chips.

As we waited we admired the view.

As we waited, Mini-him phoned and OH went outside to speak to him as he couldn’t get a signal inside. He also went to the toilet.

As we continued to wait I realised the light was fading and queried if I would be able to go out and take some photos before it got dark. OH said go for it. I did. I took a number of photos and the food still hadn’t arrived by the time I got back.

2015-11-22 14.30.13When it did arrive I have to admit it was worth waiting for. My Sunday roast was amazing. The oxtail fell to bits and melted in my mouth. The textures, flavours and variety were so good. Honestly I couldn’t compliment it more.

Well, in saying that I did say to OH. “I’ve only got one complaint.”

He said, “it’s too much?”

Piggy me replied, “Nope, not enough gravy.” Oink, oink.

OH’s burger was good – nice and juicy but in contrast to me, he said it was far 2015-11-22 14.30.22too much for him. The added extra of strong blue cheese went well with the gamey taste and the generous sized chips were indeed, hand cut.
He said it was too much for him but he still managed to clear his plate.

Sitting back content after our filling lunch we stared at our empty plates and waited.

I had enjoyed my wine and often when OH is having a dessert I will plump for another glass of wine so I had already decided this was happening. When I put this to OH he said he’d just have a coffee as he (really) was full and would just like to sit and enjoy the view. So we waited.

and waited, thankful for the view.

Eventually, I went downstairs and, after waiting to speak to a waitress, ordered a coffee and another glass of wine. “House?” “Yes please.”

I went back up the stairs and we waited.

and waited…

and waited.

2015-11-22 14.22.42

Pic whilst we waited

After some time we decided to give up on ever receiving our drinks and  I went back downstairs to pay the bill. I cancelled the previous drinks order and did receive an apology, although I don’t think she appreciated the abysmal service we had received as they were still run off their feet. This isn’t totally their fault as being understaffed is just bad management.

Then I looked at the bill. “Excuse me, £8.95 for a glass of wine?” She looked at the bill and then at her till. “Er yes. I’ve never noticed the price before I just press the button.” When I got back up the stairs I checked the menu – she had given me the most expensive wine on the wine list so that was a lesson learnt the hard way.

The food is fantastic, the views unbeatable – if they could just sort out their service this would be the place to go every time you wanted to eat out.

However, considering how busy it was (and considering it was the same the last time we visited) I guess they are getting away with it so won’t think to change the staffing levels.

One ridiculously priced glass of wine, 1 coke, 2 main meals – £36.72.

2015-11-22 16.13.07

On the drive home I couldn’t resist another quick pic in Doune.


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