Fisherman’s Tavern, Broughty Ferry


The water front at Broughty Ferry

Trying to avoid the Christmas crowds OH and I headed for Broughty Ferry this weekend to wander aimlessly around the unique shops and boutiques. After visiting the Eduardo Alessandro Studios – one of my favourite galleries and various other little gift shops we headed to the Fisherman’s Tavern to see if they had a table for two going begging. Thankfully they did.

When you first enter the pub there’s the unmistakable smell of fish, which could be a tad off putting for some. However, once you’re in and see the menu it’s very much the case that you just have to order fish as the dishes sound so good. Not there is just fish on the menu there is all the usual pub grub as well a blackboard above the fire with the day’s specials.

The waiter pointed to the specials board and recommended the Arbroath Smokie Pie on it and also mentioned we couldn’t go wrong with the Battered Haddock.  Drink order made and coke and Festive Cask Ale received we then gave our food order.  OH went for the waiter’s choice of the Arbroath Smokie Pie and I chose the fisherman’s platter, also off the specials board. The platter being battered haddock, breaded scampi and panko coated squid rings with chips and salad. If you’re anything like me you’d also have asked what panko is. The answer is a Japanese crumb made from bread without crusts. And yes there is a difference. The squid rings were amazing. Not chewy but tasty and the crumb crunchier and far superior to the breadcrumbs on the scampi.IMAG6412

OH was jealous of my plateful and I was happy to tell him that he was right to be. It wasn’t greasy, the squid rings were lush and the haddock and batter simply melted in my mouth.

Unfortunately for OH (others wouldn’t mind at all) he felt his cholesterol would need checked after his fish pie just with sheer amount of cheese on top of it. He also highlighted he had double carbs – mash on top of the pie and chips when he’d have preferred a different vegetable to accompany his peas. However, all that said, he did enjoy iIMAG6409t as there was plenty smokey flavoured fish in it and a couple of bones just to prove it was indeed made with Arbroath Smokies.

In stark contrast to my last blog post, the service here was spot on. The food came without a lengthy wait and the waiter was attentive and friendly. In fact, the only thing wrong with the place was the Ladies. Actually, I should say Lady as there was only one cramped tiny toilet, which had been shoehorned into a corner next to the bar.

2 mains, a coke, 2 pints of Cask Ale and a malt of the month came to £31.

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