The Dairsie Inn aka Rumbledethumps Restaurant, Fife

You know that pub you keep driving past? You see the signs offering meals and a warm welcome but you never ever stop and go in for no other reason than you just don’t. Well, yesterday OH and I stopped at that pub. In this case it was the The Dairsie Inn on the road to St Andrews. Rumbledethumps is the restaurant inside the inn. I had to google rumbledethumps to find out that it’s a traditional Scottish borders meal incorporating potato, cabbage and onion –  a bit like the Irish colcannon. Why it’s now the name of a restaurant in a wee pub in Fife I have no idea.

Anyway, when we went in it was 1.45 on a Saturday afternoon and they stopped serving food at 2. However, the barmaid said this was not an issue and showed us to a table in the conservatory. There was only one other couple in the room, who we reckoned were mother and son. The son being in his late 60s.

The menu was pretty run of the mill for Scottish pub food – my dad would have loved that he could have ordered most things on it but would have still went for the Steak and Ale pie. I eventually plumped for the Pan friend garlic chicken (dad would have hated the garlic aspect) and OH went for the Spicy Beef Sizzler, which stood out on the menu like a Mexican at a ceilidh.

When OH’s dish arrived it was as dynamic sounding as it looked.2016-01-09 14.07.20 It hissed loudly and spat at it him as it was laid on the table. The spring onion that adorned the dish, which had been transformed into a palm tree, looked innocent until he tried to eat it. It then turned into a snake that bit at his lip, making him take his time and cut the tree down before trying again with a smaller branch. Saying that he enjoyed his hot and spicy dish and I was a tad envious looking at him devouring his burger, which was hidden underneath cheese, onion, mushrooms and peppers (no bun in sight).

2016-01-09 14.08.22In contrast, my chicken was boring. It was exactly as described on the menu – breaded breast of chicken with garlic butter, side salad and chips so really I have no complaints but it had no vavavoom whatsoever. It was just a big lump of chicken in some soggy breadcrumbs. Of course I still finished it because, to be fair, there was nothing really wrong with it.

We were offered the desserts menu but declined (mainly because I stuffed full of chicken). However, I do have to mention to Lusa – if you’re reading – there was apple pie and CUSTARD on the menu!

We have no need to stop at Rumbledethumps again but I’m glad it’s now ticked off the list.

2 main meals, a diet coke and a pint = £24.65.