Cut and Blow in Bordeaux

Today I managed to tick off another item on my bucket list. It’s not as impressive as learning to fly a plane but (as far as I’m concerned) an achievement nonetheless.

I got my hair done in a foreign country!

To let you understand – when I was 16 and working in my first ever job, the woman who gave me a run to work every day went on holiday to Portugal. Now at that time holidaying in Portugal was pretty impressive on its own but she came back with the most fantastic hair cut ever, which she got when she was out there.  I was in awe! Therefore, ever since, I have wanted to get my hair done somewhere abroad and as I’m in Bordeaux and badly in need of a trim, today was the day.

I googled nearby salons and made my decision based on their websites, tariffs and location. Then OH and I headed off to Rue du Loup to find Saco Hair Salon.

Thankfully, it was easy to find so I plucked up my courage and went in. “Bonjour,” called practically everyone in the salon as soon as I opened the door.  After a smiley bonjour back I did my usual, “Parlez vous Anglais?” They all looked at one another and then a young woman with extremely short hair and huge glasses stepped forward in a denim jumpsuit. “Oui, how can I help you?”

After establishing I wanted a cut and blow dry (Bain relaxant, Coupe personnalisée,  Brushing ou coiffage) she booked me in to see Sebastian at 3.30 that afternoon.

OH and I then headed off into the sun to waste some time (aka drink wine and eat crepes).

Soon it was time to head back and see what could be done with my mop.

Again, everyone called Bonjour. This time though, denim girl showed me into a cupboard where I could take my coat off and hang it up myself (yes I know – where was the junior?) When I came out I was pointed towards a chair. Soon Sebastian appeared to play with my hair, pooh-pooh the pic I showed him (your herr iz not thick enuff) and then shrugged in a typically French way when I said, “Do whatever you think will look best.”

I then met the junior who was going to wash my hair. He was young, heavily tattooed, perforated more than a teabag with a multitude of metal bits and bobs and had turquoise, peacock blue and blonde hair. He also had a nice smile, spoke excellent English and was great at washing hair.

Before long (no Indian head massage :() I was back with Sebastian who told me he was going to dry my hair before cutting it. Hair brushed, dried and straightened then the real work began. I could tell Seb worked geometrically – sectioning my hair, measuring down in thirds and angling my head just so. He then asked me to stand up with my hands on the back of the chair. With one hand behind his back his scissors became a blur as he snipped away. Saying that, one blade didn’t move at all, it was stock still as the other done all the work. I have to admit I was watching (with a bowed head through hair) a master at work. Even Edward Scissorhands would have been impressed.

When he was finished he showed me the results in the mirror, doing that backward mirror into mirror thing. Yup, it looked great. My hair had went from being akin to Cousin It’s to now having layers, more movement and a fringe!

I paid the bill and left the salon – totally worth it.

Ladies, if you want to know how much the bill was DM me 😉

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