From East to West

I’m hoping the embedded map above is showing you the route OH and I drove yesterday. In case it doesn’t – we went from Fife to Oban and home again via Glencoe.  The scenery was amazing. The many lochs en route were made of glass, which showed the snow capped mountain reflections perfectly. If I had made OH stop to let me take photographs you could have framed them, hung them upside down on your living room wall and your visitors would not have noticed the difference.

OH wanted to stop before our final destination to allow the dog to stretch it’s legs (that’s code for pee and poo) so it wouldn’t be stressed on the pavements of Oban (that’s code for KayakersOH not wanting to carry a bag of poo around the streets of Oban). Therefore, we stopped at the Connel Bridge and watched on whilst brave and mad kayakers played in the eddies and tidal rapids rushing under the ugly metal structure.

Dog business done we made our way to Oban, which, as is the norm, was bustling. Huge ferries shuttled in and out the harbour taking visitors and workers to and from the various islands scattered around the west coast of Scotland. 2016-04-09 15.53.25.jpgThe Seafood Hut next to the ferry  port was surrounded by happy fish eating people and the Wetherspoons next to that was the biggest one I’ve seen (and yes I’ve seen a few). We sat at table number 204 for a quick drink – that’s how big it was. From Oban we then headed towards Glencoe but again, to let the dog stretch (and to take pics) we made a temporary stop at Castle Stalker in Appin. 2016-04-09 16.47.43.jpgI’m pretty sure Game of Thrones could use this site in their next series and allow it to keep it’s own name.
Dog walked, pics taken it was then dinner time. OH has climbed the majority of Munros in Glencoe so he is au fait with where to eat and drink so suggested the Clachaig Inn. I would have driven right past it but apparently if you’re a climber/walker you will know where it is. When we arrived it was fairly quiet and we therefore managed to get a seat easily. However, by the time we left people were vying for seats and the place was full of people who buy their clothes from Trespass. I felt positively unfit and, pork-and-chorizo-chilli.jpgafter a tortilla bowl full of diced shoulder of pork, chorizo, chargrilled peppers and smoked paprika with sour cream, positively fat too! OH had Clachaig Chicken, which was pan fried chicken in breadcrumbs with a honey and mustard sauce served with chips and salad – it definitely didn’t look as awesome as mine. view.jpgHowever, what was also awesome was the view. For 2 enjoyable main meals, a pint of Elderflower Cider and a soda water and lime it was £27.00.
I overheard there was a spit and sawdust bar next door, which is where the majority of climbers chill but the main lounge we were in was warm, relaxed and very well decorated without a bit of sawdust in sight.

We then headed home through picturesque Glencoe but unfortunately my phone had run out of battery so you will just have to imagine the magnificent Buichille (that’s a Munro btw), the herd of red deer, the pheasants wandering among the newborn lambs and the unbelievable sunset that set the sky on fire.

Yeah I know you – you’ve every right to be jealous 😉