The Kingarroch Inn, Craigrothie, Fife

I’ve been on call this weekend so I’ve done nothing more than wait on my phone to ring. To make sure a whole weekend didn’t go past without doing something OH and I decided we would go out for Sunday lunch.

Years ago we used to visit The Kingarroch Inn in Craigrothie and loved it. However, it had a fire, which pretty much demolished the place and then, when it eventually re-opened, it was an Iberian Smokehouse. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of pig and cow based menus so we steered clear. Hahaha – did you see what I did there?  Oh you did…

Today though, I thought I’d have a look at their website and I was delighted to see they were now a gastropub and there was no mention of Iberian Black Pig anywhere. As I was online anyway I booked a table through their page and it wasn’t long before we had received our confirmation and we were on our way to the little Fife village of Craigrothie.

Parking was tight when we arrived so I knew it was a good job we had booked. On entry we were shown to our table and although it was busy the tables are spaced in a way that it did not feel crowded at all. We got our menus and were told the roast of the day was stuffed chicken but they could also do venison. The menu was short (which is a good thing) and offered 4 choices for each course.

Obviously it was a lot more wordy but basically –

Starter – Pate, soup, mussels (supplement) or an antipasti platter

Main  – Roast, fish, steak (supplement) or chickpea fritters

Dessert – Brownie, cheeseboard, Ginger pudding or lemon meringue.

IMAG8196After ordering a pint of Crail Ale and a soda water and lime (I’ve already told you I was on call!) we made our food orders.

I went for the Freshly made Wild Mushroom, Crème Fraiche, Truffle oil Soup, which makes for a really boring photo but tasted lovely. However, it was heavy on the garlic so I apologise in advance to my work colleagues who will no doubt suffer for it tomorrow. I should have said, prior to the starters arriving we were given 2 types of bread and some smoked sea salt butter,  which was great but would have been better if the bread was warm.

For a starter OH decided he’d pay extra and have a IMAG8195Pot of Scottish Mussels, Spicy Chorizo, Garlic and Shallots. When they arrived in their little pot and the lid was lifted OH wondered if he had made the right choice as he got a blast of salty sea air in the face and he also remembered he isn’t a fan of chorizo (duh!) but then his face lit up as he started to make his way through them. The mussels were the largest I have seen and looked plump and juicy and I noticed he emptied the pot, even using his spoon to finish off the remaining broth too. They were definitely a hit but then he wondered if he would have room for his next course as it was such a big helping.

IMAG8197When it came to our mains something odd happened – we both decided on the fish.  Usually we have a rule that we aren’t allowed the same thing from the menu but today OH gave a good argument against it. 1. He wants to avoid too much red meat 2. He isn’t a vegetarian and 3. He could have roast chicken or pheasant anytime (he is a good shot but obviously a crap fisherman ;p)   plus 4. it wasn’t an extensive menu (again this isn’t a complaint as I would always rather choose from 4 fresh things than 30 frozen things) So anyway this is a long way of saying we both had Herb crusted Hake, New potatoes, Pancetta and Leeks.

To say the dish was rich is an understatement. The leek and pancetta sauce overtook the mild tasting hake. Even the herb crust struggled to stand out next to the oil surrounded creamy sauce. If the crust had been a bit more crunchy or the herbs a bit more perceptible it would have helped the dish balance more.  Saying that, I still cleared my plate, even though throughout I was wishing I had a cold crisp class of Pinot Grigio to cut through the creamy, decadence of the dish. When I looked over to OH he had left an oily yellow puddle of cream, leeks and watercress. He clearly has more ability to stop eating unlike me who has been known to try and lick a pattern off a plate.

Although the desserts sounded awesome, feeling more stuffed than the roast chicken, OH  decided to give them a miss.

As OH paid, I visited the bathroom, which gained bonus points for having a nice, clean baby changing area, hand cream, a posh sink and lovely smelling, reed diffusers.

A pint, soda water and lime, 2 starters, 2 mains came to £40.20