The Harbour View, Kinghorn

Saturday was a beautiful days so OH and I thought we’d try to find somewhere with a beer garden to have lunch.  Driving along the Fife coast we decided to stop at Kinghorn at a pub we had only ever driven past before. The Harbour View. 

Trying to get into the pub car park was our first challenge as we had to squeeze in between 2 walls, which were just wider than a car’s width.  The car park was busy, which was a good sign but also a bit tricky to manoeuvre.


The second test of the day was trying to decide where to sit. Initially we sat at a picnic table on the grass, which had fabulous views of the harbour and the Forth. However, it was on a slant so I knew there’d be no chance of managing to keep any food on my plate and would be more hassle than it was worth. Another option was to sit at tables on the flat next to the bar but unfortunately they didn’t have any view. We, therefore, decided to sit in the bar to eat, although we could also have sat upstairs in the restaurant.

I have to say, the menu was not very exciting. Soup and sandwiches, mac cheese, fish and chips, burgers, hotdogs, goulash and salads.  We talked about going elsewhere but neither of us could be bothered thinking of anywhere else to go so we both just ordered fish and chips. IMAG9581And I am so glad we did. They were amazing. The fish was practically tasteless it was so fresh with large chunky flakes. The beer batter was  hot and crisp without being the least bit greasy. The chips were tasty and straight out the fryer. The tartare was a bit uneventful  but still passable and the peas were as described on the menu – not crushed or mushy but garden. They came in their own small dish – possibly in case you were eating outside.  Portion size was good too – I managed to clear my plate and didn’t feel overly stuffed at the end.

The interior of the Harbour View bar was tastefully decorated, the toilets were nice and clean and the staff, along with the regulars, were all friendly and welcoming.  I’d definitely go back.

A pint, a coke, 2 mains = £22.40.


PS  getting out the car park wasn’t that easy so next time I will be on the pints and OH can drive.

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