Penguin Parade, Broughty Ferry


Penguin Paradise

OH and I had lunch in The Ship Inn, Broughty Ferry yesterday and it bored me. Over the last few food blogs I have realised that I am getting more and more fed up with bar lunch menus and the food that then appears in front of me.  I realised if I was going to write my usual blog the ‘highlight’ would be ordering Venison Lasagne and getting a beef one instead. You see? Boring. There’s nothing new happening unless you want to spend loads of money on lunch so I think I’m going to give blogging about bar lunches a miss for a while.

In fact, the only interesting aspect of lunch was the elderly woman (dressed in a multi-coloured,


Captain Scott

striped jumpsuit) sat at the table next to us who had set her stall out for the day with a bottle of Rose wine in a cooler and a glass of lemonade. Over the course of our fish pie and beef lasagne lunch she steadily poured herself glass after glass of wine each time topping it up with the lemonade. Her husband was on the pints and was making loud conversation with 2 others in the bar, the kind of mundane chat that only locals can have. I could see why the wine was a must.


Filled up yet again with too many carbs we went along the waterfront to walk off all the potatoes and pasta we had just consumed and to do some penguin spotting.

Yes you read that right. Just now until the middle of September, Dundee and its surrounding areas are having a penguin parade.




Bonnie Dundee

As a way of raising money The Maggie’s Centre and Wild Art have produced 80 giant, individually designed penguin sculptures, which are scattered around Perth, Tayside and Fife and will then be auctioned off on the 24th of September. We had already seen the 2 that are in St Andrews but DD had said there was an invisible one in Broughty Ferry so we thought we’d try to find it.

As it turned out OH spotted it from the pub we were sat in so it wasn’t a hard hunt.

If you live in the area and are at a loss for something to do with the kids at the weekend I can recommend tracking down the penguins. There’s a map of them all here Maggie’s Penguin Parade.


Absent Penguin

. btw king prawn starter, 2 mains, 2 pints and 2 cokes = £37.60







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