The Courtyard, Cupar

One of our favourite restaurants in Cupar was Cafe Montmarte but disappointingly, it moved to Dundee a while ago. However, now in it’s place, is The Courtyard, which is exactly the same inside as Montmarte but they’ve swapped the black and white photos of famous French people with black and white photos of fishermen and as the chef/owner is Bavarian, the menu now has Bavarian influences.

We were given the lunch menu and there were specials on the board. The menu offered starters and light lunches and a few out of the ordinary main meals such as mussels and fries and Venison and mushroom lasagne. The specials board offered other dishes like Fresh Crab bisque, Jager Schnitzel and Mediterranean strudel.

Eventually we decided to share a starter of Baked Coconut Prawns – jumbo prawns baked in a creamy coconut, roast pepper & chilli sauce with crusty bread (which also came as a light lunch option). They were amazing! The prawns were big and fat and there were plenty of them, the sauce was thick and creamy and the flavours were balanced perfectly. There was heat but not too much and there was coconut but it was not overwhelming. I can not rave about it enough and I’d go back for this dish alone.

For main meals OH decided on the Pork Schnitzel – breaded pan fried pork escalope with fried potatoes, mixed salad & coleslaw from the lunch menu and I had the Baked Hake Fillet with King Prawns served with a tomato, fennel and garlic sauce from the specials board.

My hake was a little mushy but it tasted lovely. The vegetables were perfectly crunchy and the potatoes were a great accompaniment. The fennel in the sauce was delicate and thankfully, did not overpower the dish. OH enjoyed his schnitzel but said it started to get a bit boring by the end. The photo of his coleslaw doesn’t do it justice as it was a lot more colourful than the white blob in the pic and was obviously homemade.

Next to our table there was a black board with ‘Chocolate pot with caramelised almonds and cream’ written on it so instead of asking for the dessert menu OH pointed and said, “I want that one.”

Chocolate pot

It felt like Christmas when it arrived. It was fabulously decadent and came with its own little jug of cream. The caramalised almonds set off the rich chocolate giving it a sweet crunch. If he could have OH would have licked the bowl. Out of interest, when we got home, I checked the online menu to see what other desserts there were and I would definitely have had the Apfelkuechle – fried apples in a crispy batter, rolled in cinnamon sugar, served with vanilla ice-cream.

I went with low expectations thinking it would not be better than Montmarte but it was every bit as good. We will definitely be back.

1 starter, 2 mains, 1 dessert, 1 bottle of Fürstenberg lager and a diet coke £42.45

Café Montmartre, Cupar, Fife

As usual OH and I were wondering where we could for go Saturday lunch. A friend had recently recommended a couple of restaurants in Fife so we thought we’d try one of them out.  After a quick look online I knew the one we had decided on wasn’t a large place so I phoned up and booked a table at Cafe Montmartre in Cupar for 1pm.

When we arrived there was only one other table that was occupied so I did wonder if I had needed to book. An elderly French gentleman welcomed us in and showed us to a corner table. It was easily the best table in the room, with a great view of the restaurant. The walls were covered in black and white photographs of famous French people and the music was a lovely mix of Mediterranean cafe songs. As I looked around I recognised an old work colleague siting at the other table – a good sign that it was indeed a good recommendation – after all, 2 friends of mine can’t be wrong ;p.

We were given menus and our drinks order was taken. There was a table d’hote menu – 2 courses for £15.95, 3 for £17.95 and a light lunch menu. The soup of the day was vegetable and the salad of the day was hot salmon and prawn.

I adored the  menu and struggled to chose what to have as I liked the majority of the dishes.

One of the starters was Moules Marinières au vin blanc – rope grown Shetland mussels, cooked with white wine, leeks and carrots.  If you are a regular reader you will know I had a bad experience with mussels the last time I was out. Since then I have learned you should only eat mussels when there is an R in the month i.e. mussels aren’t a good choice in the summer! Who knew?

2015-09-05 13.13.26 As it is now September I thought I’d get back in the saddle and give them a try. I was glad I did. They were delicious,  plump and juicy just as they should be. The liquor wasn’t too salty as is often the case and I loved dunking my bread in it. OH decided2015-09-05 13.12.50 on the Terrine de Canard – Duck and fig terrine, pistachio nuts wrapped in Parma Ham. OH said he really enjoyed it. I tasted his fig chutney and it was beautifully rich and tangy.

For my main meal I eventually settled on Jarret de Porc aux Pruneaux – Slow cooked pork shank with marinated prunes in cream sauce. I don’t often chose pork when I am out but the sound of this dish called out to me and it was just as delicious as it sounded. The meat fell from the bone in large tasty chunks. The rich creamy sauce and prunes complimented the pork perfectly and I would definitely opt for this dish again. 2015-09-05 13.37.45OH, true to form, had the Pavé de Boeuf Grillée aux Echalotes – char-grilled pave beef steak served with fine green beans, shallots and pomme frites with garlic butter. OH said his steak was nice and juicy but was a bit chewy compared to other steaks he has had recently. He added that the garlic butter over the green beans and shallots went well with the steak.

Normally I decline the dessert menu when offered but I have recently realised that when I have had 2 great courses I get greedy so I just had to have a pudding. 2015-09-05 14.21.37There was a choice of tarts – pear and almond, tarte tatin and cherry, there was also ice creams, and cheese but I went for the Coupe de fraises & pistache créme anglaise – strawberries topped with pistachio créme anglaise coulis.2015-09-05 14.23.35 It was perfect and I was glad I decided on having a dessert. Surprisingly OH just had an espresso and then insisted I take a pic of his giant hand with it.

When we first arrived in the restaurant I questioned the need to book a table but as we dined the place filled up around us, which created a lovely atmosphere. The service was great, the food was fantastic and what we found in Montmartre was a petite piece of France in Fife. Whether you like French food or not I’d recommend you make your way to Cupar soon and try for yourself the amazing Café Montmartre.

One 3 course meal, one 2 course meal, a coffee, 2 bottles of beer and a diet coke – £47.25

The Boudingait, Cupar

Another Saturday and another weekend oncall, which means I’m not allowed to leave Fife and have to be available to react to the ring of a phone. It’s an odd feeling because I always feel like I’m taking a huge chance when I order food – what happens if my phone rings before it comes? Often I will avoid going out just because it feels like I’m skiving. However, today I thought I’d take the risk and it paid off.

OH and I decided to go to Cupar and visit The Boudingait. It’s a relatively small place and was busy when we arrived but we managed to get a table without problem. There was a very mixed clientele – mostly in pairs but there were young and old couples, 2 older men together and at another table there were 2 older women who had the right idea – they had already demolished a bottle of white by the time we arrived and they had only just got their main meals.

Although the menu offered a variety of dishes it was the Artisan Wild Game Pies that caught our eye. The pub used to buy them fresh on a Saturday from the Farmer’s Market in Cupar but when they became more popular they started buying them direct from The Wee Pie Company in Glendoick.

OH went for the Baa Baa “Lamb is one of the most tastiest of meats, here it is lies beside caramelised onions & carrots, tossed in rosemary ~ simple ~ to allow the flavours of the meat shine through.”  Whilst I decided on the Venison Wallace “Chunks of wild venison & seasonal vegetables brought together with haggis: first seared & then casseroled in a redcurrant & red wine sauce to release & combine all of the flavours.” Both pies were served with served with chunky chips, homemade onion rings, vegetables and gravy. Incidentally the vegetables were carrots, broccoli and parsnips – none of which were frozen or over boiled and the gravy came in a little jug alongside.

2014-08-16 15.09.56When our identical dishes first arrived I felt a little let down as the pie was small and looked like I could have bought it from the bakers down the road but after cutting into it and seeing the large pieces of meat inside I was not as disappointed. Then, after tasting it, I was more than happy. It was delicious and with the added gravy soaking into the chips and pastry it became rich, tasty and surprisingly filling. We both cleared our plates and I reckon if OH had a slice of bread he would have wiped the plate clean enough to put it straight back in the cupboard without washing.

We were offered the dessert menu and told to think Pavlova but we decided against putting any more pounds on. Although I did notice that one item was Ginger Sponge Pudding topped with a syrup & ginger sauce, served hot with either CUSTARD, cream or vanilla ice cream. If you’ve read my blogs before you may remember Lusa (my cuz from the States) who had us searching Fife for someplace that offered pudding and custard. Anyway, I sent her a Snapchat of the menu but of course fussy pants replied that it sounded great apart from the ginger bit – typical! 😉

The waitresses were rushed off their feet but were consistently pleasant and cheerful, whether bantering with the locals or serving complete strangers. The toilets were bright, clean and airy although the hot tap was too hot and the cold water just a dribble but that’s a very small gripe.

Two Artisan Pies, 2 pints of lager and a diet coke = £33.60.

I’d definitely go back – especially as they do breakfast until 1pm at the weekends.