The Ship Inn, Elie, Fife

As it was a horrible, wet and windy day OH and I decided to visit the Ship Inn in Elie for lunch as it isn’t too far from home and would have some fantastic views of any white horses in the Forth. Although we have had numerous drinks at the Ship before we have never ate there since it was done up a few years ago. We have however, dined at their sister restaurant in Ratho, The Bridge Inn, which you can read about if you click their name.

When we arrived we were seated in the corner of the room where OH could look out over the harbour and watch the water splash up over the deserted beer garden. Menus had been left on our table but there was no sign of any specials or a board. It did have catch of the day on the menu with the POA acronym next to it so I did ask and it was Sole and was £23.95. I also had to ask for a wine menu.

For starter OH decided on Beetroot Pesto vegetable crudites, heritage beetroot and toasted seeds. We did think about sharing it but I really wanted to try the Cauliflower Fritters harissa, crème fraiche and coriander, which came under the heading of Nibbles.

When it arrived it was nothing like I had expected as you couldn’t lift up any individual vegetable. That didn’t stop me trying it though and it tasted wonderful. The colours were vibrant and the tastes were fresh. OH said it was a large helping and filling. He also said he felt very healthy after it.

My cauliflower fritters were like little clouds of heaven. I loved them. The balance of deep fried batter with the crème fraiche along with the kick from the harissa worked so well I could have just kept eating.

OH and I could have probably left at this point as we already felt like we’d had a lovely meal but our main orders had been taken and it would have been rude not to stay.

To be honest, I was disappointed in the main choices considering the restaurant is right on the water as the only fish dishes were fish and chips or fish pie (obviously apart from the sole) so I opted for a small fish and chips and OH went for the fish pie. Other options were Bangers and mash, Butternut Squash Risotto and the Ship Inn beef burger.

The fish pie arrived in what OH called a meals on wheels container with the vegetables on top. He had trouble cutting his carrots and beans and complained (as usual) about food not on flat plates and the problems it causes. However, getting over that he said the pie had big chunks of fish, the vegetables had a bite and the sauce was really creamy. The piped potatoes on top were also thick and creamy. He says he would have it again but needs to remember and order it on a flat plate. I have been writing these blogs and going with OH to restaurants for about 6 years and he still forgets to bring his glasses to read the menu so I am guessing it will be at least another 6 years before he remembers to ask for a flat plate.

My fish and chips were good, if a little boring. The batter at the tail end was a bit soggy but the further up the fish I worked the crisper it got. The crushed peas were exceptional compared to other bashed up peas I have had recently but I would still prefer mushy ones. The tartare sauce was unique with an ingredient I couldn’t quite make up mind what it was – maybe just the gherkin was pickled in something different but whatever it was, it was good. (Edit: my mum has text me to say it would be capers not gherkins) The chips were also good but I had to stop myself eating them all as I was fuller than the moon that was making the tide outside so high.

2 starters, 2 mains, 1 x 250ml of Argentinian Malbec, 2 x 125ml of house wine and a lager. £54.95

The Dory Bistro & Gallery, Pittenweem.

Looking for lunch not too faraway I opened up my laptop and did a search for nearby restaurants. A short browse led me to The Dory Bistro & Gallery in Pittenweem, a seafood restaurant in the East Neuk of Fife I had never visited before. I phoned up to book before we left as I wasn’t sure if it was a place you could just walk in. When we got there the room was full of empty tables but all with reserved signs on them so I was right to call.

Pittenweem is the most active harbour in the East Neuk and has a daily fish market a matter of metres from the bistro, which was obviously reflected in it’s menus. Along with the wine and lunch menu we were also given the specials menu, which the waitress read through. She was knowledgeable about where the fish was caught and had more detail about how the dishes came. Unlike last week’s menu in Room with a View there were a few meat dishes such as pheasant au vin and steak pie as well.

Initially, when we looked at the list of starters and mains we thought it would be an easy order but there was quite a bit of heeing and hawing around what starter would go with what main. I am a big fan of Cullen Skink but there was also a shellfish bouillabaisse as a main. Eventually we decided to share a starter of moules marinière with cream, shallots, white wine, parsley. We told the waitress we were sharing and she asked if we wanted them in 2 pots. Oh yes please.

The mussels were fantastic. Fat, big and juicy. There was no beards or barnacles and the creamy broth was fantastic – full of shallots and parsley and not salty. As well as the bread we were given at the start of the meal I used my spoon to try and get as much as possible – something I don’t always feel the need to do.

When OH was in Orkney he saw a family of locals ‘spooting’ – the art of catching razor clams, which spoot water up when you drizzle them with salt but didn’t get the chance to taste them even though they did offer him some still in their shells. Therefore, when he saw razor clams on the menu he decided he would have them. They were served with pancetta, cherry tomatoes, garlic, white wine and dill. It was an impressive dish when it arrived even if the clams did look like ridiculously large sperms (sorry mum but they did). I tried a bit of one and was glad I hadn’t ordered the dish. It was chewy and did not hold much taste. OH said he enjoyed the buttery sauce but felt the clams were a bit like squid. He struggled on. I could tell his heart wasn’t in it. This was not in any way a reflection on the chef but on the razor clam itself. OH said he was really glad he tried it but wished it had been a starter. I noticed he then turned into Mr Bean as he tried to hide his unfinished clams under the long thin shells.

I had decided on the pan-fried fillet of sea bass with smoked salmon risotto and pesto. This was a colourful dish with bright green pesto, saffron yellow rice and small green peas and at last I had found a crispy skin. I had been worried about the pesto being too strong but I needn’t have been. It was not like any other pesto I have had before (and disliked)…actually, now I am sitting writing I am wondering if maybe it was a wild garlic pesto? The tables all had wild garlic flowers in them but no leaves – could they have been in the kitchen in a pestle and mortar? Anyway, I loved my risotto. It wasn’t sticky, it had bags of flavour and the peas gave it another level. The fish with its crispy skin was spot on.

There were no desserts on the menu but there was a blackboard with a list of cakes. Almond and orange cake, Rhubarb drizzle, chocolate brownie, whisky and marmalade fruit loaf and scones. OH needed something to get rid of the memory of the razor clams so asked for the almond and orange cake. As the waitress warned it was not a sweet cake but tart and tangy. I’m guessing OH would have loved some custard or cream with it but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Service was great, the toilets spotless and the fish was excellent.

1 starter (£9.95), 2 mains, 1 cake, 2 bottles of craft lager and a coke £55.35

Incidentally, the Dory Bistro and Gallery is behind the white campervan in the top pic of Pittenweem.

19th Hole, Earlsferry, Fife.

Yesterday OH and I went for a walk along the beach next to Elie Golf Course, it was a fabulous day and there were a number of golfers making the most of the links course. Of course, after a walk in the summer sun, the next sensible thing to do is go for a pint and it just so happened that next to the golf course is The 19th Hole.

We went in just for a drink but once in, we checked out the menu, the decor, the clientelle and decided to stay for something to eat.  The menu had the normal kind of bar food options such as burgers, steak pie, mac and cheese but with more local fish dishes than your average pub. However, what made it stand out were words like freshly delivered, made to order, artisan and East Neuk, which is the local area just in case you didn’t know.

OH decided on a Crab Salad and I asked for a starter size of mussels. As we waited, I looked around and noticed the coat rack was made out of golf clubs and the leg of the table was hidden in an old leather golf bag. There was tennis on the large tvs and also a fireplace to relax in front of. I nipped to the loo and the sign on the door was a lady putting, the door handle was a putter, there was another door with turf on it. Inside there was a display of golf balls under the sink. Yes they have taken the golfing theme to the nth degree but actually, it works.


By the time I returned from the loo my mussels were already on the table and OH was tucking into his crab salad. Now, normally I’d be annoyed that someone had delivered my food when I wasn’t at the table but we were sitting in the bar rather than the restaurant as we had the dog with us. In the restaurant you are able to see the chef at work as it’s open plan and I’d like to think if he could see our table he would have held it back until I was there.

The crab was abundant on OH’s salad, which was good to see. He enjoyed it immensely describing it as light and fresh. Even the potatoes got a special mention.


Along with my plate of mussels was a finger bowl and empty plate for the shells. My mussels were plump and very hot. The sauce wasn’t salty or gritty as can often happen. Instead it was creamy and the onions had a nice crunch. There was a couple that weren’t open and one had a beard but overall I enjoyed them. The accompaning bread was chargrilled and dunking it into the sauce was lush. I even asked for a spoon so I could sup the rest up.

Whilst we were eating it was the chef that popped out to ask if our food was okay, which meant so much more than one of the bar staff asking.

The 19th Hole is a place you need to seek out as it’s well off the beaten path but I would definitely recommend it.

2 pints, a starter size of mussels and a crab salad = £24.40

The Cellar Restaurant, Anstruther

Today marked 28 years of marriage to OH. Yes, I know. He could have committed murder and got less time but as long as I keep buying him lunch I’m sure he will stick around. Well, as long as he gets a plate every now and again he might ;p

So to celebrate this momentous occasion we decided to dine at The Cellar Restaurant in Anstruther. The Cellar is a Michelin starred restaurant hidden away in the East Neuk behind the Fishery Museum in Anstruther. As soon as you enter you know you’re in for a real treat. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with silver birch beams, real fish skin pictures and tasteful Scottish touches – none of your Bay City Roller tartan or thistle wall paper here.

We took a seat in front of the log fire and enjoyed pre lunch gin and tonics as we poured over the menus deciding between pigeon or crab and halibut or hogget.

It was a set menu with only 2 choices for each course (we were asked when I booked if there were any dietary requirements) As usual we decided to order different courses so we could try everything on the menu. Decisions made on courses and wine and we were taken through to the small restaurant area where there was


seating for maybe 20 max? Certainly I could see why you need to book well in advance. Incidentally, there was an option to have wine paired with each course but we decided on a bottle of white Rioja that I hoped would fit in with both of our choices.

To start with we were brought an amuse-bouche of Smoked Haddock Mousse, Anster Cheese and Gherkin. It arrived balanced delicately on a box of seashells and looked exquisite. Well, it looked like cream cheese on a Pringle but it tasted way better – the smokey fish amused my bouche perfectly and the mix of crunch and cream worked well together.

Next arrived Ox-tongue, Parmesan and Pickled Onion. This was an odd dish in that you couldn’t see the Ox-tongue. It looked like a bowl of white custard scattered with crispy bits. In the centre was t


he skin of a pickled onion, which held a green liquid. Yes, I know I should have paid more attention when the waitress told me exactly what it was but I couldn’t take it all in! The creamy stuff was heavy, cheesy and thick then, when you dug deeper, you found the ox-tongue, which looked like Oxo cubes. The first one was really tasty and to me was akin to pork belly. The next one was good and more meaty tasting but then the 3rd one was too much. It was a really rich dish so probably half the amount would have sufficed. The crispy bits and onion skin gave it a much needed crunch but the after taste was like I had just finished a packet of cheese and onion crisps.

Soon after, our starters arrived. OH had Pigeon, Celeriac, Yeast Emulsion and Hazelnut


(the waitress did describe it better). OH liked his pigeon and thought the hazelnut was a good contrasting texture and balancing flavour. The pigeon was not as pink in the middle as it is often cooked and he preferred it this way. He also liked the rooty celeriac addition to the dish. As it is such a strong meat he appreciated that there was only the one medallion.

My starter was Local Crab, Toasted Rice, Squid and Kelp Jelly. The crab had a perfect square of see-through jelly over it and the rice looked like little maggots


escaping from its confines. However, it tasted amazing. The crab was fresh with a light, lemony zing and the toasted rice gave it a soft bite. I could easily have eaten more of it.

After a short break our mains arrived. OH had Hogget, White Cabbage, Wild Garlic, Mint and Lemon Thyme. The dish looked beautiful. The hogget was light to taste and served pink.


The mint sauce was delicate and not overpowering and OH raved about the white cabbage and said this was his favourite dish of the day.

I went for Halibut, Baby Gem, Bacon, Mussel Juice and Charcoal Oil. Immediately I could taste the chargrill effect and loved it. The baby gem was crisp and the mussels


fat and juice. I did get the occasional hit of salt but I think because I’m trying to reduce my salt intake I’m more attuned to it now.

For dessert OH went for the Apple & Sorrel, Bramble, Brown Butter Curd and Lemon Thyme. When it arrived it looked like lots


of tiny red apples with green leaves resting on top of a raft, which was adrift on a white, foamy pond.

Of course, I went for the Scottish Cheese, Pickled Walnut and Grapes. To my credit I remember the waitress saying there was also pear jelly (the only additional thing I remember her describing although there were loads throughout the meal).


I also asked for a glass of port to accompany the cheese board and OH requested a glass of Tokaji, Mad, which was the recommended dessert wine for the dish. Both drinks added a fantastic layer to the course. My blue cheese on a cracker, spread with pear jelly and accompanied with a mouthful of port was fantastic. If I had any complaint it would be that I’d have liked another slice of pickled walnut on the plate. OH enjoyed his dessert and couldn’t have been more complimentary about the wine pairing.

To finish off our meal we decided a couple of Irish Coffees would hit the spot and when they arrived they were accompanied with


chocolate orange truffles, fruit jellies and, in a cinnamon box, some salted fudge. Anything chocolate and/or orange I need to give a wide berth to so my loss is OH’s gain. He says it was velvety, rich, dark and cocoay (is that a word?) The fudge was good but bad. I love fudge but this was really sweet, which was great but, again, maybe it’s me and salt just now, it had a funny after taste to it.

Service was impeccable. The time between dishes was spot on, descriptions of food added to the meal, napkins were replaced and glasses topped up whenever needed, to the point that all tasks were completed naturally and almost without being noticed.

The bill came to £142 2 set lunches @ £35 each, alcohol £72 (gin, wine, dessert wine, port, Irish coffees)

A fantastic wedding anniversary meal, which we won’t forget.

The Grill House, St Andrews, Fife.

When I’m on-call I have to stay within an hours drive of central Fife and have a good phone signal. Therefore, OH and I drove around Fife trying to think of somewhere we could dine. We drove through Elie first only to find it was the Elie Fair day and the cars were parked nose to tail along the pavements so we quickly gave up on the small east neuk village. Crail was similar with tourists swarming the streets. Since we had spent the morning on the golf range (yes I am still hitting balls) we even tried Crail Golf Club but the elitist club only serve food to members or people who have golfed the course so we left those pompous gits behind. It was with no surprise to either of us that we ended up in St Andrews. Over the years we’ve ate here a lot but had never tried The Grill House so we made our way inside.

The music and decor are Mexican and the menu also reflected a Mexican theme as there were fajitas, chili and enchiladas on it as well as a burger and char-grill section. There was a lunch menu, which didn’t finish until 4pm and it offered 2 courses for £7.95. However, I found it to be quite uninspiring and for once I struggled to order from it. Incidentally the soup of the day was split pea and mint (I hate mint in my food).

OH looked at both menus and couldn’t decide what to have. He then decided he was going for the Flat Iron steak on the à la carte menu. Well, he was until I pointed out to him that it was also on the set menu with a £4.95 supplement and even with the add-on it would still be cheaper and he’d get a ‘free’ starter with it.  One decision made he then struggled with what starter to go for as, like me, he found it difficult to chose between the soup, haggis fritter, Caesar salad and salmon goujons (also with a supplement). Eventually he settled on the haggis fritter, which came with onion chutney and salad..  2015-07-25 15.51.56  When it arrived it was a slice of haggis, which had been battered and deep fried. The haggis was greasy and not spicy enough. The salad was undressed and the chutney cold, which in turn made the haggis cold too.

For my main course I had plumped for Grill House Pulled Pork Chicken, which was char-grilled chicken breast topped with pulled pork, melted smoked cheese and hickory BBQ sauce. It came with the option of fries or chili fries.2015-07-25 16.12.27 It arrived covered in leaves with no other vegetables. I enjoyed it and ended up eating far too much of it. The sauce wasn’t too strong which can often be the case with BBQ sauce and there was heaps of melted cheese.

Just in case you don’t already know (I didn’t), Flat Iron Steak is cut with the grain from the leg. Apparently it produces a more flavoursome steak but can often be tougher than a rib-eye or sirloin. This is because it would normally then be sliced in half along an internal membrane to produce 2 thinner cuts instead of the thicker, Flat Iron steak that could still contain the gristly membrane (thanks wiki).

OH’s asked for his steak rare as usual and it arrived with a with a red wine and thyme sauce and a pile of rocket leaves.The sauce came in a cute, little saucepan on the side and I was shocked when, half way through, I saw him pouring it over his steak (OH hates it when the sauce is all over his steak). 2015-07-25 16.12.19When I queried this I was told it was really nice with a lovely hint of the wine and thyme and it went great over his mediocre steak. “Mediocre?”  “Yes, it’s alright but I’ve had better.”  Of course this has to be true, with no disrespect to this steak, as he has had many fantastic steaks over the years.

OH had 2 ales from the St Andrews Brewing Co. to wash down his meal – considering our earlier drive I’m not sure if it was coincidence or not that one was called Neuk and the other Crail.  2015-07-25 16.39.17Overall, The Grill House was enjoyable. They have very reasonable priced cocktails, the service was good and  the toilets clean and although the starter wasn’t great, if you like your food sizzling or deep fried then this is the place for you.

One set 2 course meal with a £4.95 supplement, one main, 2 ales and 2 diet cokes = £40.55.

The Rockies Restaurant, Anstruther

2014-09-27 16.30.48

The view from The Rockies Restaurant

Totally by accident OH and his friend found The Rockies Restaurant in Anstruther, Fife. They had been looking to play a round at the golf course (that was a round not around!) and noticed that the menu in the club house looked pretty good. I didn’t need my arm bent behind my back to pay it a visit so OH and I dined there yesterday.

Although the actual restaurant is pretty basic it doesn’t really matter as the view of Anstruther takes your breath away. Any big outlay on decorations would be wasted as you spend the whole time looking out of the window either back inland to the picturesque fishing village on the Fife Coastal Path or out over the Forth where the Isle of May and the Bass Rock lie .

The lunch menu offered 2 courses at £10.95 and 3 for £13.95 and the soup of the day was lentil.

OH went for the Chilled Gala Melon with 2014-09-27 15.33.42local berries and raspberry coulis and I had the Chicken Liver with Thyme pate with oatcakes and red onion marmalade to start. I cleared my plate and loved the oatcakes and onion marmalade which accompanied the pate perfectly. The salad dressing ensured I also 2014-09-27 15.33.47finished every scrap of the salad too.   I’ve just asked OH what he thought of the melon and he said “it was very nice by the way.”

It wasn’t too long before our mains arrived. OH had decided on the Seared Sirloin Steak with sauteed onions, mushrooms, corn on the cob, fries and garlic butter. It had a £4.50 supplement, 2014-09-27 15.45.46something that OH always denies noticing when he orders ;p I had the Corn Fed Chicken Ballotine with Toulouse forcemeat stuffing with a tarragon and mustard cream sauce. OH raved about his steak and said that the addition of the corn on the cob really made the dish as the buttery sweetness from it complimented the steak beautifully. I enjoyed my chicken but a word of caution to others who haven’t just been to the south of France (;p)  – the Toulouse forcemeat is a strong taste that you may not be used to.2014-09-27 15.46.00

There was a menu of liqueur coffees on the table that OH had been eyeing during his lunch so instead of a dessert he had a Rockies Coffee – coffee and Glayva. It came with a shortbread biscuit and 2 little squares of peanut butter millionaire shortbread. I always like it when the non-coffee drinker gets a bit of sugariness too (yes I’m easy pleased!) .

The main meals could probably have been better presented but they were tasty and great value for money. The waiter and waitresses were charming and eager to help and I will definitely be recommending this hidden gem to others.

2 Starters, 2 mains + £4.50 supplement, a liqueur coffee, a pint and a coke = £34.15

Elie and The Shorehead Cafe


2014-05-02 14.46.25

Elie Lighthouse

Since I’ve been working like a wee Trojan this week and been doing some crazy hours I was able to take some time back this afternoon so OH and I took the dog to the East Neuk and went for a dander along Elie beach. We drove down towards the Granary and parked up so we could walk along the beach towards the lighthouse.  It turned out to be a cracking afternoon with blue skies and sunshine and Amber loved it.

2014-04-16 19.26.19


Although the outdoor seating area across from The Ship Inn had been deserted when we drove past by the time we had walked up to the Light House and along past the Lady’s Tower and back into Elie it was starting to fill up. OH took the dog and grabbed a seat overlooking the beach and I ventured in to buy some drinks. I asked for a pint of Guinness and a half lager and waited patiently for the Guinness to settle. I was then given 2 half glasses.

Oh. It was a pint of Guinness I ordered.

Oh sorry.

She tipped the half into a pint glass and topped it up with no settling time. It over flowed the glass and it was still dripping down the side when she handed it over.

Ever polite I didn’t say a word (I’m such a sap) but looked around for a napkin to wipe the glass. Seeing my obviously perplexed face she kindly ran from behind the bar and opened the door for me.

2014-05-02 15.37.39

Guinness not the Best

I picked up the sticky glass and a half and walked back outside into the sunshine.  To add to my dismay of the badly poured pint imagine my horror when I saw the glass she had given me it in!


Saying that, sitting in the sun supping was superb!



OH and I couldn’t decide what to do for eats so he suggested going to the Shorehead in Leven for a sit in fish supper (yes it was his turn to pay). The Shorehead is one of those places that has been around for years, In fact, I can’t remember a time it wasn’t there and Im fairly positive it’s still the same woman behind the counter as it’s always been. When we arrived we discovered it’s now called the Sorehead Cafe.2014-05-02 17.21.08-1

I had a red pudding supper – yes, I said red pudding. For all you people out there that have no idea what I’m on about you need to visit Fife and taste one to find out. For those of you who do know, The Shorehead do a damn fine one!  OH had fish and chips. We had 2 rounds of buttered bread and 2 mugs of tea and it came to £12.80.

When the plates arrived it did look the portions were a bit sparse but, with hindsight, I have to say there was exactly the right amount of chips. OH said everything was really nice but the amount of grease left on his plate was a bit ewww but he says that’s because the grease would usually be left on the paper, which you wouldn’t normally see. He’s adding he really enjoyed it and the white bread was definitely spread with butter and the batter on his fish was crispy and it was braw!

2014-05-02 17.05.45-1



Craig Millar @ 16 West End

Last night I was out doing my daughterly duty and spending time with my mum and aged aunts. The chat was all about sick and dead people so it was a lot like Twitter. Anyway, I left OH with instructions to find somewhere to go for lunch today. When I arrived home, full of cake and tea (delivered as it should be – in a china cup with saucer from a teapot), OH had the restaurant picked.  Craig Millar @ 16 West End in St Monans. I was a bit reticent as I knew it was going to be pricey – after all it was just for lunch and not for a special occasion. However, come the morning, it looked like perfect weather for a restaurant with a sea view – bright and very breezy! Therefore, I phoned ahead and booked a table for 1.30pm. The restaurant is the long, white building with the orange roof on the right hand side of the photo.


When we arrived, we were asked if we wanted a drink in the bar first and ushered through to the cosy, dark bar in back. There was a coal fire burning (it may have been gas) and the walls, which looked like they were covered in original thickly embossed wallpaper were adorned with old black and white photographs of St Monans. Once we had ordered our drinks we were given the lunch menu. There was a (very) set lunch menu of Onion and Cheese Tart, Hake and Puy Lentils with mushrooms and Pannacotta with mango sorbet for £18 or the other menu, which offered 3 choices for each course at £22 for 2 courses and £26 for 3.

Soon we were taken back through to the restaurant, which in stark contrast to the bar was light, airy and had a spectacular view of the Forth. The waves were crashing around us as the waitress brought us some bread, a small round parmesan roll and a slice of foccaccia with rosemary.

When our starters arrived OHs looked very pretty and the photo of his Pea Mousse, pickled mushroom, pea cream and  toasted foccaccia really doesn’t do it justice. ImageHe gave me a wee taste (and then blamed me for the rest of the meal for the green stain he left on the pristine white tablecloth!). I thought the mousse was a bit dull but with the tang from the vinegary mushrooms and the crispy bite of the foccaccia it all came together. OH raved about it saying it was just like posh mushy peas, which he loves. I had opted for the Pig’s Cheek and Puy Lentil, carrot, honey and ginger puree. The presentation was lovely but I felt the addition of a small oatcake wouldn’t have went amiss as the mix of cheek and lentils had the consistency of pate. However, that aside it tasted gorgeous and we were both happy with our starters. Image   OH had to ask the waitress the name of the Japanese mushrooms that had been pickled but she couldn’t tell us at that point but the ensuing conversation led her to say that “Craig doesn’t really do vegetables – he does things with vegetables”, which I thought was the perfect way of describing his cooking. (by the way, it turns out they were shimeji mushrooms.)

For our main courses I opted for Cod with Thai Coconut and Mussel Chowder and OH had Braised Ox Cheek, Truffle Gnocchi and Root Vegetables. My meal was perfectly balanced – the coconut was very subtle, which isn’t a bad thing when you’ve had a nasty one night stand with a bottle of Malibu in 1984. The cod was firm and broke into large flakes that mixed well with the potato mash it sat on and the mussel chowder complimented it all beautifully.Image

OH’s Ox cheek fell apart under his fork and he says he enjoyed every minute of the rich meat. The gnocchi weren’t too heavy or doughy and were a welcome accompaniment to the cheek instead of boring old potatoes. He also says it was the perfect portion size. I sneaked another wee taste and although I could appreciate it was cooked to perfection it was too strong a taste for me so I was glad I had went for the cod.

Just in case you are wondering the other option was Sea Bass, Israeli cous cous and satay sauce.

I’ve probably already mentioned I’m not a pudding person and if I hadn’t of been on call (which means no wine for me) I would have ordered the cheese board that I could see others ordering as it looked like a great mix of cheeses with biscuits and quince. OH, on the other hand, always needs something sweet to finish off his meal so he opted for Mint Chocolate Cremeux  and Malt Ice Cream. (Chocolate Cremeux is something between a chocolate sauce and chocolate mousse and pretty much means ‘just chocolate creamy’). Again OH raved about it (I’ve asked him to describe it and he says yes it was really nice I enjoyed it :S).  Image

He then ordered coffee and it came with 2 decent sized pieces of fudge and 2 little discs of shortbread. I love it when I don’t order coffee or tea but still get the fudge – restaurants should get another award for that added attention to detail, something like The Bean awarded to restaurants that remember not everyone is a coffee drinker.

Of course I had to visit the toilets. Interestingly, there is a well next to the restrooms and if you peer over the edge you can see water far below. I’m sorry to say the loos were a tad disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, they were spotlessly clean and perfectly adequate just not up to the high standards of the restaurant. A spot of hand cream and some small cloth towels would have made all the difference.

The bill came to £60.75 (not incl tip)

Lunch  – £48,  Drinks –  £12.75

All in all, Craig Millar is definitely worth a visit. The service was faultless, the food fantastic, fresh and fishy and the views spectacular. However, I’d keep it for a special occasion, on a day when the sea is at it’s best.  7 ½/10



Anstruther Fish Bar

Visited on Tuesday 25th February, 2014

As I drove home from work tonight I realised it was still light and for once, I wasn’t on call. It was such a good feeling the last thing I wanted to do was go home and sit in the house in front of the box all night. After discussing decent places to eat in Fife recently one of my friends mentioned the Anstruther Fish Bar and ever since it’s been on my mind – yes Lock, I’m looking at you. So obviously there was only one thing I could do tonight. Yup – visit Anstruther with the sole intention of having fish and chips at that very plaice ;p.

OH didn’t take much talking round so we headed straight out. The journey to the East Neuk is always a joy no matter what the weather. Tonight it was dry and slowly turning to dusk and we decided to drive towards St Andrews so we could come back the coastal road. Just outside Cupar we spotted a few roe deer happily munching away on hmmm I’m not sure spring barley? rapeseed?  some poor unsuspecting farmer’s crop anyway. As we drove through the home of golf the St Andrews skyline looked great as the cathedral stood proud against a sapphire blue background. We also passed the sign that points you to the precise position of the Scotland’s Secret Bunker, which always amuses me. Eventually we arrived in Anstruther and parked facing the harbour.


Anstruther Harbour


As you enter the Anstruther Fish Bar you can tell it is used to being busy as there are shiny brass crowd control barriers in place which make you wind your way up to the counter but tonight there was only a couple in front of me. Normally you get the chance to read lots of paper clippings telling tales of all the famous people who have visited before you as you wait patiently in the queue. Then, when you climb the stairs you can see a blackboard telling you the name of the boat that landed the catch of the day. Today it was Ocean Venture. Although there is a vast menu the most popular order is haddock and chips, which I ordered 2 of. It’s £5.90 for a supper (that’s fish and chips to those of you scratching your head) or £8.25 if you want to sit inside. For the extra £2.35 you get a seat, some sauce, bread, butter and a hot drink. Unfortunately, you can’t see the waves from every seat indoors but you can from a car parked in front of the harbour 😉

I did take a photo of my fish supper but it really didn’t do it justice so I haven’t put it up here as I don’t want to do it a disservice. The haddock was amazing, fresh and succulent; the batter crisp and tasty; the chips, well the chips were better than any chips you’ve ever tasted from any other chip shop. Seriously, you really need to visit the Anstruther Fish Bar to taste them for yourself.

You should also drive back along the coast road and go through Elie to witness some wonderful sea views. Come to think of it, what you really need to do if you have plenty of time and fancy a bit of a walk (especially if it’s a nice day) is to park at St Monans and walk along the Fife Coastal path to Anstruther and reward yourself at the chippy. St Monans to Anstruther route 

I promise you won’t regret it. 7/10


btw I tried to take a pic of the outside of the chippy but someone parked their big stoopid people carrier in front of it 😦