The Rockies Restaurant, Anstruther

2014-09-27 16.30.48

The view from The Rockies Restaurant

Totally by accident OH and his friend found The Rockies Restaurant in Anstruther, Fife. They had been looking to play a round at the golf course (that was a round not around!) and noticed that the menu in the club house looked pretty good. I didn’t need my arm bent behind my back to pay it a visit so OH and I dined there yesterday.

Although the actual restaurant is pretty basic it doesn’t really matter as the view of Anstruther takes your breath away. Any big outlay on decorations would be wasted as you spend the whole time looking out of the window either back inland to the picturesque fishing village on the Fife Coastal Path or out over the Forth where the Isle of May and the Bass Rock lie .

The lunch menu offered 2 courses at £10.95 and 3 for £13.95 and the soup of the day was lentil.

OH went for the Chilled Gala Melon with 2014-09-27 15.33.42local berries and raspberry coulis and I had the Chicken Liver with Thyme pate with oatcakes and red onion marmalade to start. I cleared my plate and loved the oatcakes and onion marmalade which accompanied the pate perfectly. The salad dressing ensured I also 2014-09-27 15.33.47finished every scrap of the salad too.   I’ve just asked OH what he thought of the melon and he said “it was very nice by the way.”

It wasn’t too long before our mains arrived. OH had decided on the Seared Sirloin Steak with sauteed onions, mushrooms, corn on the cob, fries and garlic butter. It had a £4.50 supplement, 2014-09-27 15.45.46something that OH always denies noticing when he orders ;p I had the Corn Fed Chicken Ballotine with Toulouse forcemeat stuffing with a tarragon and mustard cream sauce. OH raved about his steak and said that the addition of the corn on the cob really made the dish as the buttery sweetness from it complimented the steak beautifully. I enjoyed my chicken but a word of caution to others who haven’t just been to the south of France (;p)  – the Toulouse forcemeat is a strong taste that you may not be used to.2014-09-27 15.46.00

There was a menu of liqueur coffees on the table that OH had been eyeing during his lunch so instead of a dessert he had a Rockies Coffee – coffee and Glayva. It came with a shortbread biscuit and 2 little squares of peanut butter millionaire shortbread. I always like it when the non-coffee drinker gets a bit of sugariness too (yes I’m easy pleased!) .

The main meals could probably have been better presented but they were tasty and great value for money. The waiter and waitresses were charming and eager to help and I will definitely be recommending this hidden gem to others.

2 Starters, 2 mains + £4.50 supplement, a liqueur coffee, a pint and a coke = £34.15

Anstruther Fish Bar

Visited on Tuesday 25th February, 2014

As I drove home from work tonight I realised it was still light and for once, I wasn’t on call. It was such a good feeling the last thing I wanted to do was go home and sit in the house in front of the box all night. After discussing decent places to eat in Fife recently one of my friends mentioned the Anstruther Fish Bar and ever since it’s been on my mind – yes Lock, I’m looking at you. So obviously there was only one thing I could do tonight. Yup – visit Anstruther with the sole intention of having fish and chips at that very plaice ;p.

OH didn’t take much talking round so we headed straight out. The journey to the East Neuk is always a joy no matter what the weather. Tonight it was dry and slowly turning to dusk and we decided to drive towards St Andrews so we could come back the coastal road. Just outside Cupar we spotted a few roe deer happily munching away on hmmm I’m not sure spring barley? rapeseed?  some poor unsuspecting farmer’s crop anyway. As we drove through the home of golf the St Andrews skyline looked great as the cathedral stood proud against a sapphire blue background. We also passed the sign that points you to the precise position of the Scotland’s Secret Bunker, which always amuses me. Eventually we arrived in Anstruther and parked facing the harbour.


Anstruther Harbour


As you enter the Anstruther Fish Bar you can tell it is used to being busy as there are shiny brass crowd control barriers in place which make you wind your way up to the counter but tonight there was only a couple in front of me. Normally you get the chance to read lots of paper clippings telling tales of all the famous people who have visited before you as you wait patiently in the queue. Then, when you climb the stairs you can see a blackboard telling you the name of the boat that landed the catch of the day. Today it was Ocean Venture. Although there is a vast menu the most popular order is haddock and chips, which I ordered 2 of. It’s £5.90 for a supper (that’s fish and chips to those of you scratching your head) or £8.25 if you want to sit inside. For the extra £2.35 you get a seat, some sauce, bread, butter and a hot drink. Unfortunately, you can’t see the waves from every seat indoors but you can from a car parked in front of the harbour 😉

I did take a photo of my fish supper but it really didn’t do it justice so I haven’t put it up here as I don’t want to do it a disservice. The haddock was amazing, fresh and succulent; the batter crisp and tasty; the chips, well the chips were better than any chips you’ve ever tasted from any other chip shop. Seriously, you really need to visit the Anstruther Fish Bar to taste them for yourself.

You should also drive back along the coast road and go through Elie to witness some wonderful sea views. Come to think of it, what you really need to do if you have plenty of time and fancy a bit of a walk (especially if it’s a nice day) is to park at St Monans and walk along the Fife Coastal path to Anstruther and reward yourself at the chippy. St Monans to Anstruther route 

I promise you won’t regret it. 7/10


btw I tried to take a pic of the outside of the chippy but someone parked their big stoopid people carrier in front of it 😦