Gleddoch – Hotel, Spa & Golf

So last weekend, for the want of anything better to do, OH and I headed to the west coast. We booked a night in the Gleddoch Golf and Spa Hotel, a dog friendly hotel not far from Greenock.

On parking we could see from outside what had been an old, secluded, country house had now been extended up the hill with a new build. Not that you could see the modern extension in any of the hotel’s online pics, of course.

We wandered into reception, which was full of Chesterfield couches and club chairs. Obviously, I looked just like the kind of customer they would roll out the red carpet for carrying a bulging, well used, Asda bag full of dog food, chews, a water bowl and blanket. Classy. However, the receptionist was warm and friendly as she booked us in. She gave us our key and advised us that although we were more than welcome to go up to the room via the inside of the hotel it was recommended to take the car up to the car park as it was a bit of a trek and there were a lot of stairs.

So OH, the dog and me humphing my Asda bag, all went back out to the car and drove up to the first car park and looked around for an entrance. Nope. We drove up to the next car park. There were no signs but there was an open fire door so I checked it out and right enough found No.5. The room was fantastic. Concealed lighting, huge comfy bed, all the bits and bobs you could ask for (my favourites – free bottled water and biscuits) and a large walk in shower with multiple settings.  2016-07-02 18.28.21Not long after we took the dog out for a walk around the side of the golf course and explored the hotel grounds. The view from the hotel was stunning – right over the Clyde to Dumbarton.

Later we then tried to find the hotel bar, which OH had spotted next to reception. Remember we were now 2 carparks up from there? First off we walked along the first corridor. Nope. Dead end. Next we found the restaurant. Looked around there. Nope no sign of the way to reception. Back tracked. Started again. Another dead end. Back to the restaurant and through it to the pre-dinner sitting area where we were stared at. We persevered and walked through the on-lookers. We found another corridor and walked slowly along it looking for signs. There were none for reception but we did find the pool. We then met a waiter who pointed us in the right direction down stairs, then more stairs and another corridor. We eventually emerged into the reception area. It was only at this point I thought about leaving breadcrumbs…

…too much wine later and high heels in hand it was like a scene from the Crystal Maze as we tried to retrace our steps. Giggling and using stage whispers we found our way along corridors containing wheelbarrows, found numerous dead ends and eventually, and thankfully, found our room again.

It felt like no sooner had our heads hit the pillow than the fire alarm was going off. Oh yeah, suddenly I was wide awake. Good Morning Dumbarrrrrton! To be honest, it was after 9 but that’s not really the point.  I gingerly made my way out to  the car park wearing sunglasses even though it was dreich. The only one delighted with the rapid exit was the dog who darted off to the golf course to help with watering the fairway. It turned out the alarm was down to an electrical fault and the ongoing building work. I was just glad the alarm stopped when I nipped back to the room to take my phone off of charge. 2016-07-03 09.14.16.jpg

Not long later, showered and dressed in clean clothes this time, we left our room and went for breakfast. It was chaotic. I’m hoping it was due to the fire alarm and this was not the norm. Dirty plates were on the cold buffet table – probably dumped when the alarm went off and forgotten. Serving dishes were empty, juice jugs were lacking and there were tables needing re-set with people waiting.  One waiter – actually the one that showed us how to get to reception the night before – was sprinting between tables trying to meet everyone’s needs. White sugar here, more butter there, here a jam, there a  knife, everywhere some toast toast.

One chap who had been helping himself from the hot buffet returned and sat at the wrong table, which was completely cluttered. Surprised that he had no clean cutlery he asked for some without questioning it. His wife joined him and looked around confused as he wolfed down his bacon and sausage. She lifted a cup that was in her way and asked if it was his. With bean juice running down his chin he shook his head. She struggled to find a clear place to put the cup down again. She then asked if he had seen her phone. More head shaking. It was only when the wife spotted her phone on the other table that she realised they were at the wrong table. Oh the hilarity as they got up and moved. The man quipped, “I wondered why I could no longer see the Clyde”  as he returned to his own table not worrying about his faux pas. Other diners laughed along with him. I’d have been mortified and would have had to leave my breakfast as I allowed the ground to swallow me up.

To be fair we enjoyed our stay. I found the scene at breakfast hilarious – even when my toast turned up only toasted on one side. The trek from room to reception was a highlight and the surrounding scenery and room were brilliant. The staff were friendly and helpful and if it weren’t for the fire alarm turning breakfast into a comedy sketch it would have received high marks. Well, apart from the fact that there was no tv in the bar so we couldn’t watch the footy and had to speak to one another.
To recap – bits were so bad it was great 🙂 

Gourock and a house warming

OH and I were invited to a housing warming party in Greenock recently so we headed off in that direction with the plan of continuing through Greenock to Gourock to grab something to eat first.  It’s a lengthy drive to the west coast, which takes in a lot of motorway before it suddenly opens up to fair prettier countryside before spitting you out along the side of the Clyde. Beautiful views across the water on one side and not so pretty views of modern new builds jammed in tight between well built old stone houses on the other.

Greenock is a ship building port and one modern sight I was happy to see was Endeavour, a statue by Malcolm Robertson of a Cunard Liner cutting throw a bow wave in Port Glasgow. It’s an impressive structure and I wish we could have stopped so I could take my own photos but there is a cracking one here –> Statue

When we arrived in Gourock I contacted Hugs (who was hosting the housing warming) for advice on where to eat. He said that him and Beds (his gf) were just leaving for One Ashton Road as it has “nice views and decent grub.” By coincidence we had just past it so OH found a parking place and with a request to grab some seats for Hugs and Beds too we made our way indoors. There was seating outside and although it was possible to sit outdoors it was windy enough to ensure your peas would have been running off down the street.

The menu was exactly what you would expect from a Scottish pub lunch and was very reasonably priced. I had potato and leek soup to start followed by chargrilled chicken with salsa. OH had fishcakes then steak pie, Hugs had pate and then haddock and chips, Beds had the soup too and followed it with steak pie. That plus 3 pints a2014-08-09 15.12.47nd a large glass of Merlot came to less than ÂŁ50. Told you it was reasonable! And the views were great too.

From there we walked along to Cafe Continental for a drink. The views looked even more stunning from there and if I ever find myself back in Gourock I’m definitely going to be booking a table in the window. Just a short walk from there we popped into Cleats where, what we lost in decor and views, we more than made up for in the price of the round, which was a heck of a lot cheaper.

Soon we had to head back to Hugs’s bit as Dua, Efe and Veda were about to show up to warm the house. Unsurprisingly I was already a bit giddy and looking like The Joker with my red wine smile. Dua wasn’t drinking and had brought alcohol free lager (what is that all about??) but Efe had brought the cutest little bottle of vodka in the world so she won. I think Veda was on bottles of ale and Hugs and Beds were on lemsips (vodka, lime and soda I think).

It turned out to be a great night. Hugs was a fantastic host and put on a splendid spread. You will notice there was no hedgehog but there was cheese and pickled onions on cocktail sticks so I didn’t complain.2014-08-09 20.43.50

It turned out not only could Hugs play the guitar but he could sing too AND write his own songs! I didn’t join in because he’s just new in his house and I didn’t want his neighbours phoning the RSPCA to come to the rescue of a trapped cat.

Usually at house parties you end up sleeping in a bag on the floor but not at Hugs house. Oh no, at Hugs you get an electric vibrating bed! Oh yes. You also get the offer of a full cooked breakfast in the morning. I was unable to partake of the full monty (don’t know why but my tummy was a bit odd) but I managed a piece slice (a square sausage sandwich to the uninitiated……………..Oh for goodness sake Google square sausage) Of course OH managed everything on offer and was a very happy chappy.

If I had been on Come Dine with Me it would have been an easy vote.


This isn’t me btw