The Bank, Anstruther, Fife

IMAG9861A few months ago I was at a meeting in the Dreel Hall in Anstruther. As usual, I was far too early and went for a walk around the graveyard. Sitting on a bench, overlooking the Dreel Burn merging with the Firth of Forth, I noticed a conservatory sticking awkwardly out from the back of where I knew to be a bar. However, in my mind I thought it was an auld man’s kind of pub. It got me wondering and therefore it went on to my list of places for OH and I to visit (btw I’m always looking for recommendations).

We parked the car just dIMG_20180721_175027_504own the side of the Dreel Halls and crossed the Dreel Burn using the large square stepping-stones that take you on to the beach next to the end of Shore Street. From there we followed the Fife Coastal Path up to the back of The Bank and through their beer garden. Following our noses we climbed some stairs and ended up in the bar where we were taken into the conservatory and given a table with a lovely view of rooftops and the Forth and given a lunch menu along with a leather-bound one. When I opened the bigger menu the first page was a list of drinks so I closed it again and looked at the lunch menu. 2 courses for £12.00. There was fish and chips, burgers, mac n cheese etc, which was fine but nothing really jumped out. Bored I opened the leather menu again and discovered a page of starters, a page of chefs specials, a page of burgers and  a whole page of seafood. Ignoring my normal annoyance at it now being too big a menu, I was back in a good mood and made my decision as did OH. However, no-one appeared to take our order so we sat in a hot conservatory without a drink for far too long. Eventually a different waitress appeared and was about to disappear again when I called her over and told her we were ready to order.

I asked for the ‘Haddock Timbale – Smoked ourselves with oak shavings, poached with prawns and saffron cream, finished with chef’s vegetables and buttered baby potatoes’. When it arrived I was surprised to see the haddock was white and not the usual smokey yellow. However, IMAG9855the sauce was electric yellow and I immediately worried for my white top. The fish was good but white and not smoked, the sauce was a bit salty, the vegetables were good, crunchy and not over done but the best bit was the prawns that were hidden in the drum of haddock. They were large and succulent.

OH ordered the ‘Roasted Sea bass, Crispy skin sea bass fillets, tomato, chorizo, cashews, rocket & new potato salad. It looked fantastic and I was immediately jealous. IMAG9853

It’s not often that OH wins at the food ordering competition we have but he definitely hit the jackpot with the Sea bass. He could not talk more highly about it. The textures, taste and amount were all perfect and created a memorable dish. The cashews and thinly cut chorizo were a big hit as were the fresh tomatoes and crispy skin.


Leaving a empty plate OH then ordered a pudding from the full-page of desserts. ‘Dutch Apple Flan – Dutch apple pie filled with apple, raisins and cinnamon topped with a glazed lattice pastry, served hot or cold with cream, ice cream or crème anglaise.’ He decided on it hot with ice cream. He was disappointed to find it must have been heated in a microwave as the pastry was soggy but still enjoyed it and managed to leave another empty plate.

Overall, it was a good lunch and we will probably go back just so I can have the Sea bass.

2 mains, 1 dessert, 2 pints of ale and a pint of coke = £40.05

The View, Newport on Tay

2014-10-12 13.52.38

The view from The View

The last time OH and I headed to Dundee I noticed a sign for The View in Newport on Tay and immediately put it on my list of restaurants to visit when I’m on-call and have to stay in Fife. Today it made it’s way to the top of said list. The aptly named restaurant is across from Dundee and has stunning views over the River Tay and the rail bridge.

We hadn’t booked but were given a window seat without any trouble. The menu was £10.95 for a main meal, £14.95 for 2 courses and £19.95 for 3. Soup of the day was spiced pumpkin with coconut.

2014-10-12 14.14.44After the mix-up with the soup last week I decided to give it a miss and go for the chicken liver, garlic and brandy pate with apple and plum chutney. OH went for the smoked mackerel mousse, prawns, dill cream, sun blushed tomatoes. What I liked most about the starters was that the waitress said if we needed any more toast or bread to just ask, which was a great offer that we didn’t need to take up. However, I maybe could have done with just a little more chutney. (if you look close you can see it hiding under the grass ;p) 2014-10-12 14.14.54

OH loved his mackerel mousse, which was nice and creamy and the prawns on top were a lovely addition.

For my main meal I chose Breast of chicken, chick peas, potatoes, spinach, curry sauce, vegetable pakora. You know how all those wannabes on Masterchef go on about deconstructed meals? Well this was a bit like one of them as the chicken sat on top of the curry sauce. The chick peas, potato and spinach was something I had never had before and really enjoyed so I know I will be trying to replicate it at home at some point. 2014-10-12 14.31.23

2014-10-12 14.31.33For his main meal OH went for Fresh breaded Peterhead plaice, hand cut chips, pea and fennel salad, lemon mayonnaise. Why the fish was from Peterhead and not some place more local I’m not sure. However, OH said it was a good meaty fish in a nice crispy batter and not muddy tasting as some flat fish can be.

OH, who has more of a sweet tooth than me, finished off his meal with Banana and Amaretti biscuit Sundae with hot Belgian dark chocolate sauce and a coffee. Sorry no photo but if you visualise a tall glass full of different shades of brown and yellow with one of those wafer rolls stuck in it, you’ll get the picture 😉

Just as we were finishing our meal 2 older women came in for a high tea which looked wonderful although I thought a little expensive at £12.50 per person. I overhead the waitress saying to them both if they needed a top up for the pot of tea just to ask.  On the same theme but completely different, when I went to the loo there were ladies things in a basket, which you could help yourself to. Again, like the extra toast and bread earlier, it’s these little extra touches that make a big difference.

If you’re in the area The View is worth a visit. 1 x 2 courses, 1 x 3 courses, 2 soft drinks and a coffee came to £41.70.

By the way, if you are visiting The View I’d recommend taking a drive towards Newburgh afterwards for some more gorgeous scenery. 2014-10-12 15.39.23