Prestwick Airport, The Elvis Presley Bar

Once more OH and I are heading out of the country in the hope of finding better weather. Unfortunately the forecast for mainland Spain isn’t that great for the next week but regardless, OH and I are heading to the Costa del Sol.

Cheap flights mean Ryanair and Ryanair means flying from Prestwick Airport, which isn’t really that much hassle. For us, it’s an hour and half in the car on a straight road. I had already paid for the parking but when we drew up to the long term car park barrier there was a sign saying we had been upgraded to the short term one so we turned the car and headed to the car park right next to the terminal.

A short walk later and we were already straight through security. By far the quickest x-ray procedure ever! So far Prestwick was beating Edinburgh and Glasgow hands down. Well, it was until we ordered some food… we had discussed going to the Brewers Fayre just outside the airport but reckoned that although the airport would be expensive, at least we would be able to relax, safe in the knowledge we were in the departure lounge and not sitting a mile away panicking in case our food didn’t come in time. With hindsight there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy panic.

So there we were, in the Elvis Presley Bar (the airport’s only claim to fame is that Elvis landed there once in 1960) hungry and in need of some sustenance (I can only hope Elvis had ate before he touched down). The menu was like a typical bar lunch menu but without any soup or starters.

IMAG4365OH ordered the burger and a pint and I had the lasagne and a large glass of Shiraz. When my lasagne arrived it looked hellish. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I’m pretty positive with my reviews and always find something good to comment on. Well in this case the lettuce in the side salad was lovely. IMAG4368Everything else was sh*t. The lasagne was burnt round the edges and I needed a chisel to get into it. The garlic bread was a tortilla with garlic butter poured over it and it had went hard during the walk from the kitchen to the table. I knew I wasn’t going to eat again for at least another 6 hours so I bravely ate the middle. (I tend not to send food back as I can never trust that the chef hasn’t spat on it or worse). The middle was edible – just. OH’s burger was completely lacking and tasteless, he also said his chips were soggy inside.IMAG4369

Never again. For the drinks and meals it was £29 and a complete rip off.
I can only say, if you’re flying from Glasgow Prestwick, bring a packed lunch!