The Bein Inn, Perthshire

For the last fortnight I have been intending to tell you all about our recent trip to Spain but unfortunately life events have overtaken us and instead we have been involved with family stuff. Spain seems like a life time away now so I will leave it in the past and tell you about a more recent trip to The Bein Inn in Perthshire.

One of our niece’s had been staying with us – now to be known as D’Niece – and we were giving her a lift back to Crieff. It was late on a Sunday afternoon and we were struggling to think of somewhere that would be serving food. I thought of The Bein Inn as I knew we would pass it if we were going over the hill towards Perth but wasn’t sure if it would still be serving food. Thankfully when we stopped in the pouring rain we found it was.

There was a Roast Sunday Menu which offered Soup of the day, Roast Rib of Scottish Beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and fresh vegetables (or Mustard crusted roast ham), and Dessert of the day for £16.95.

The soup was pea, chilli and chorizo which I thought sounded lovely but made D’Niece turn a whiter shade of pale as apparently she has a fear of peas – probably brought on by a tyrannical mum (;)) making her kids eat up every last one. I’ve never had a problem eating them as I eat my peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life, it makes the peas taste funny but it keeps them on my knife ;p2015-03-29 18.09.59

The soup was just as lovely as it sounded (to me) and had tasty lumps of chorizo in it, which were gorgeous. D’Niece went off menu and chose Thai fishcake served with chilli sauce. She enjoyed it, saying they were spicy, hot and fresh just as they should be.2015-03-29 18.09.20

For mains, I had the roast ham 2015-03-29 18.26.07and both D’Niece and OH had the roast beef.

I didn’t expect to get a Yorkshire pudding with mine but I was over the moon when I did as I do love a good Yorkshire pudding me! Unfortunately, and very disappointingly, the pud was burnt and tasted a bit odd. It had a sweet tang to it and I ended up leaving it at the side of my plate. The rest was good although maybe a little bit unspecial – I never did find the mustard crust and I thought my gravy tasted the same as OH’s when I’d much rather have had something more in keeping with ham. D’Niece and OH enjoyed their roast beef 2015-03-29 18.25.48but they didn’t really rave much about it. I think the overall feeling was that it was a fine meal but nothing to write home about (unless of course you write a blog when you do get home).

The meal – 3 starters and 3 roast dinners – came to £42.50.