The Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo (an evening visit)

Last September I wrote a blog after having a bar lunch at The Crusoe Hotel in Lower Largo. (you can read it here if you want) Having just reread it, we obviously weren’t overly impressed with our meal. However, I’m delighted to say that wasn’t the case when we went there last night for a meal with OH’s sister-in-law. Now to be known as Silc.

Like our last visit, I was on-call so one of the reasons we chose The Crusoe was I knew I could get a phone signal there. Sure as fate, just as we drove up and maneuvered into the tight car park, my phone started to ring so as I dealt with the call, OH and Silc went in a managed to get us a table in the lounge, even although we hadn’t booked.

When I eventually managed to get into the lounge Silc and OH were patiently sitting looking over the menus with drinks already by their place settings and diet coke next to mine (damn this blessed on-call!). The evening menu looked really interesting and I struggled a little to decide what I would have as there was such a good choice. Eventually I decided on the 2015-04-03 19.37.29Confit of Pork Belly, caramelised apple puree, Pomme anna and salt baked winter vegetables. And what a great choice it was! The pork belly melted in the mouth, the salt baked vegetables were phenomenal and the layers of potatoes were amazing. OH turned to me whilst I was eating and said, “I thought you didn’t like parsnips?” I replied that I didn’t but because of the way they were cooked they were just too good not to eat. He said he was disappointed as he thought he would have been able to steal mine. He had no chance!

Both Silc and OH went for the Pan Roast breast of duck, fondant potato, sticky red cabbage and griottine cherries. 2015-04-03 19.36.28

OH raved about his duck saying it was excellent. He tells me that he hasn’t had duck for ages and when he has had it, it’s usually from the Chinese and it’s dry, crusty and overdone but this was succulent and cooked to perfection. He added that the sauce wasn’t too sweet and the cherries burst in the mouth with a lovely surprising tang.  When I asked if there was anything else I got, “It was all good and the tatties were done in the duck fat to give them a nice crispy texture.”

As you know I don’t usually have a dessert but as the main courses were so good I decided I’d have Rice pudding, apricot compote and walnut crumble. It was nice and warm when it arrived but just as I 2015-04-03 20.26.09had started to eat it my phone rang and when I returned I found it to be just a little bit chewy. I still managed to eat it all though.

OH went for the Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream. 2015-04-03 20.26.02He said it had been heated up in the microwave and was hard and tough on the outside and just ‘alright’ in the inside.

Silc had Ice caramel parfait – poached pear and dark chocolate sauce. When it arrived it looked great as it was presented beautifully (as was everything to be fair). Silc had no complaints and scrapped her plate clean.2015-04-03 20.24.39

We had a fabulous time – the atmosphere was great, the service was fantastic and our main meals were out of this world. We will be back.

As Silc paid for the meal (thank you so much)  I don’t know how much the bill came to but if you look on the website you can see the prices on the Dining page.

The Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo

Another Saturday on-call meant another bar lunch in Fife so today we decided to visit Lower Largo.

Lower Largo is an old fishing village famous as the birthplace of Alexander Selkirk who was a Scottish sailor who spent more than four years as a castaway after being marooned on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific Ocean. Ring any bells? He was the inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe so it will come as no surprise to you that there is a hotel called The Crusoe and it was here that we chose to dine today.  It was a lovely day to lunch outside, which you can, on the pier as well as on benches just outside the bar door but we chose to dine inside as it was quieter (and because Fife weather is as changeable as a teenager’s moods).

Crusoe-PANOThe menu was pretty standard with fish and chips, burgers, steak pie, chicken supreme and curry all around the tenner mark or you could fork out £21.95 for the 8oz ribeye steak. There was also a daily special menu however I decided to go for the Robinson Crusoe burger with grilled Monteray Jack cheese, chorizo, chilli, chips, relish and salad. OH went for the Curry of the Day which was Chicken Balti.

2014-09-20 15.24.02

2014-09-20 15.24.33

The first thing OH said after starting his meal was “I think I just swallowed a clove.” I have to admit the look on his face confirmed it. When I asked him later how the balti was he said it was bland in places and the sauce was a bit thin but it was alright.

My burger was missing any sign of chorizo but otherwise was a decent burger and to it’s credit the roll didn’t disintegrate as they often do.  OH kindly finished off my chips for me as I got a bit bored with them.

The location of The Crusoe is fantastic and the food is good – not great – but good enough for a £20 bar lunch. I actually love the bar –  the way it’s decorated, the pool table and the 2 large screen TVs with Sky, which all make it a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon watching sport.  The outdoor seating area looks like a great place to waste some time with a cold bottle of white wine so do pay it a visit….Alexander Selkirk…and if you do make sure you take some time to wander along the road to see the statue of Alexander Selkirk and then keep walking so you can spend some time on the beach too.



Edit – Sunday evening 6pm. I’ve just cooked brisket with roast root vegetables for dinner and (completely unprovoked) OH said he liked it way better than his chicken balti.