MCN Scottish Motorcycle show, Edinburgh

So it was OH’s biannual turn to chose something to do this weekend and it just so happened that the MCN Scottish Motorcycle show was on at Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre so off we went. We had to drive there with 4 wheels as OH sold his Aprilia Tuono last year. I think he must be missing the feeling of cool, black leather next to his skin as there seemed to be more stalls selling clothes and accessories than there were bikes.

There was an outside arena where stunt man Kevin Carmichael showed some amazing skills as he 2015-03-08 13.21.07wheelied at seemingly impossible angles and burnt loads of rubber as he spun 360° over and over again creating more smoke than a hippy at Woodstock. 2015-03-08 11.02.31-1        Indoors there were some new bikes. OH liked this Yamaha R1. It’s red and white and goes fast, probably. 2015-03-08 13.01.24-1 There was also one called a Ninja but somehow I missed it, although a couple of times I thought I caught a glimpse of something moving ;p My favourite was this lovely chequered one, which proves there is such a thing as tartan paint. 2015-03-08 12.51.39-1There was loads of old bikes too which are now called Classics. Their owners were all classics too. They were all in clubs (and their elements) and were wandering around trying to trick people into talking about their bikes.

Of course I had to have something to eat. There were loads of burger vans to chose from but by this time I needed a seat so we went into the bar in the Classic bike section. OH had fish and chips, I had a burger and we shared a bottle of diet coke.

I asked OH how his meal was and he said it filled a hole.2015-03-08 14.05.29 When I asked him to elaborate he said the sachet of tartare sauce was crap. Jay Rayner eat your heart out 🙂  My burger was very juicey and ran right down my arm to prove it. The scalding wasn’t too bad. Thankfully the classic biker we were sharing a table with had more than enough napkins to go round.

Car parking £5

2 adult entries to the bike show £32

2 main meals and a diet coke £14.50

The sight of hundreds of fat, bald men in leather being very happy – priceless.